Behind Enemy Lines With A Friendly Kevin Kolb

AP Image

The obligatory media calls with opposing coaches and players leading up to gameday are usually a little dry.  Nobody wants to be responsible for providing another team with bulletin board material, so answers are vanilla.

Preseason vanilla.

But sometimes a player crosses the line of vanilla and becomes downright complimentary.  That player this week, was Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb.

On facing the Redskins defense:

“I think the defensive unit is really good. The defensive unit is just as good as anybody. The linebackers are very talented being that I got a chance to go up against them for four years while I was inPhiladelphia. Rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan is a special player. I think the Redskins have one of the best defenses in the league. I think we have our work cut out for us this week.”

It sounds like he wants an autograph.

On how familiar the Redskins defense is compared to last year:

“Haslett dials up enough things and it’s going to be a tough matchup. We’re trying to invent ourselves as an offense as well. We know it’s going to be some challenges but as a group we’re working hard.”

“With the front four, as well as the linebackers, the secondary makes you get rid of the football quickly. A lot of the defenses in the league forces that issue. The secondary is talented, especially when [safety LaRon] Landry is playing. We will try to take our shots, but at the same time, we will try to put together a solid drive and try to pick them apart as well.”

On if he’s expecting another 300-yard passing performance this week:

“I don’t ever go in a game thinking I’m going to throw for 300 yards. I just focus on executing the plays and getting the victory. Regardless of how much we run the ball or pass the ball we just want to go in and win. It’s going to be a hostile environment.”

In a league where Tom Brady can go out and throw 500 yards in a week, it seems strange that a quarterback would get humble about 300 yards.  This is the pass-first Cardinals, right?

Maybe this is Kolb’s version of lulling the Redskins to sleep and killing them with kindness before taking the field.  But if a Redskins defender misses a play on Sunday, they might want to go see Kolb for a pick-me-up.

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