Hail! Explains Brandon Banks’s Tweets

In the second week of  Ben Ceccarelli’s revamped Hail! comic, he finally explains Redskins returner Brandon Banks’s curious Twitter exchanges:

If you don’t get the joke, make the jump.

Brandon Banks is one of the most active tweeters on the Redskins, but has a few Banks-isms that he tweets every day.  The most common one is his daily, mid-afternoon, “What up doe?”

Sometimes the question needs to be asked more than once a day.

For example, just this week:

I think today can officially be “What Up Doe Friday.”

0 thoughts on “Hail! Explains Brandon Banks’s Tweets

  1. It’s just slang , What up Doe ? (translation for those who aren’t Hip) : What’s happening ? :What’s Good ? : What are we doing today ? :What is Up for Today ? Lol You all are acting like my man Speedy Banks is Lunchen ! Oh I forgot , the word “Lunchen ” ( translation ) :Crazy : Weird : Insane ! Lls


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