Ryan Kerrigan Moves Up ‘Rookie Watch’

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Last week, in ESPN.com’s “Rookie Watch,” Scouts Inc.’s Matt Williamson started Redskins rookie outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan off at No. 9 among his draft class peers.

Not bad, considering the Redskins snagged him at No. 16 in April.

But after an electric performance in Week 1 that left him in the running for NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Week (this is your last chance to vote, hint hint), Kerrigan has once again climbed the ladder.

In this week’s addition of “Rookie Watch,” Williamson lists Kerrigan at No. 6.  The commentary associated with his pick also changed from some uncertainty, to certainty:

Kerrigan has now moved up to be second on the list for defensive players, behind only Broncos linebacker Von Miller.  Miller was also the second overall pick of the draft.

Kerrigan has moved ahead of 12 of the 15 players taken before him in the draft.  Only two players drafted lower than Kerrigan [Randall Cobb (64) and Mark Ingram (28)] have passed him, for their performances on special teams and offense respectively.

ESPN’s NFC East blogger Dan Graziano also covered the piece, and had this to say of Kerrigan’s success:

I also happen to think the kid is smart, talented and athletic enough to take advantage of his opportunity, which is critical, of course. But the main point here is that Kerrigan finds himself in a position to succeed right away in the NFL, based on what his skills are and the way they fit the defense into which he was drafted.

Individual accolades aren’t what this team is about this year, but it’s nice to see the recognition pouring in for Kerrigan’s explosive NFL debut.

The NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Week will be announced later today.

0 thoughts on “Ryan Kerrigan Moves Up ‘Rookie Watch’

  1. Kerrigan IS a great athlete with a high motor that doesn’t quit. I hate to be “that guy” but i def said be reminded me of matthews after i watched some purdue film on Youtube.


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