The Birth Of Redskins Solar Man

The next time you walk up to the gates at FedExField, I want you to hum Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.”  Just replace the word “iron” with “solar.”

Trust me, it works.

The colossal “green” giant is not only the newest DC football icon, it is also generating it’s own electricity, thanks to an outline of Koda XT panels.

Here’s the details:

  • The statue was designed by the DLR Group, the same company that designed the entire NRG solar installation at FedExField.
  • 3Form did the engineering on the statue and fabricated the red silhouette that includes the thin-film solar panels.
  • Two local companies built the rest of the statue and assembled the parts.

Solar Man is not known to be based off of any Redskins iconic quarterback, although that should not deter your creativity.  I like the nickname, “Solar Sammy,” for Washington legend Sammy Baugh.

What are your suggestions?

Here are photos of the birth of Solar Man, thanks to the 3Form official blog:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

0 thoughts on “The Birth Of Redskins Solar Man

  1. Solar Man was design by DLR Group, but there are several all over the country. Do you know which group I could contact for further information on Solar Man?


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