Tim Hightower Out With The Hogs

Earlier this week, Redskins center Will Montgomery explained how the blocking scheme contributed to the uncharacteristically low yards-per-carry average that the running game had last Sunday.

Among the many technical descriptions he gave, he mentioned that there were plays when the linemen were “half a block off,” in terms of picking up their man.  Refining those blocks will eventually bust open the big runs that the Redskins enjoyed in the preseason.

“I think our whole team is predicated on the run,” Montgomery said.  “We want to run the ball and that sets up everything else. If we’re running it then that sets up our bootlegs, keepers, and play actions. If we just had to sit back there and pass and pick up all their blitzes and stuff all that, that’s no fun all day.”

And what’s one way to ensure that these guys focus on their blocks?  Go eat at the big boy table:

This is a group shot from Benihana, where the group went to eat.  But this wasn’t Hightower’s treat–at least not yet.

“I wouldn’t say that I took them out,” Hightower said.  “More like they took me out.  They invited me, but it felt really good to be one of the guys.  I feel like they’ve embraced me a little bit.”

Just like John Riggins in the glory days of ‘The Hogs,’ Hightower has earned the respect of his line.  Not only is a he a downhill runner, he is also an expert at picking up his line in pass protection.

But for last night anyway, it wasn’t his turn to pick up the bill–yet.

“My time will come,” he said with a knowing smile.  “I plan on having a big game on Sunday though, so I’ll be taking them out.  I’ll probably be taking them out a lot this year.

Jammal Brown wasn’t pictured above, but Trent Williams was the only core member of the line missing from the meal.

But the impressive thing about this group is that it includes reserve lineman Sean Locklear and Erik Cook, tight end Logan Paulsen (who blocked on his touchdown run in Week 1), and practice squad offensive guard Eric Olsen.

Hightower is the type of player that all generations of Redskins Nation can respect: good enough to buy his jersey, but just wants to be a face in a burgundy crowd.

0 thoughts on “Tim Hightower Out With The Hogs

  1. Hey Brian,

    First off I just wanted to send you kudos for your coverage of the team this year. I know you caught some flack when Matt Terl left, but I for one have thought you’ve done a great job. A special thank you for last weeks AFN post for our troops. By the way we won over the Saints game this week so our troops will once again catch the Skins game.

    Last week you featured Chris Pauls’ Redskins song. So I wanted to send you a link to Black Boo of Mambo Sauce. He’s put out a song each week last year, and done the first 2 weeks of this year. High quaity stuff and thought maybe you’d like to feature him. I recommend his Skins’ songs for any tailgate party. Here is the link…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsHIMs3tTSE

    He posts his songs each week on ExtremeSkins so you probablly may have heard it already. Let me know what ya think.


  2. Will someone please tell this chlld that it is HAWGS not HOGS ? And weren’t those cheerleaders something to cheer about, too ? GO< SKINS !!!


  3. Brian,
    Tell Hightower he should take the Hogs to Nagoya in Ashburn if he wants to impress them. Much better restaurant all the way around for a Japanese Steakhouse experience. I have been a Redskins fan as long as I can remember. My dad died the year Darrell Green started and he said “That young man is going to be one of the greatest Redskins ever.” Go Redskins!


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