When Grossman Executes, Team Can Win

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Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan came out of Week 1 with a pretty good feeling about the offense’s performance against the Giants.  The offense put enough points on the board to win the game (21), and the team had opportunities to run up the score more.

That performance started under center with quarterback Rex Grossman.

“I thought he did a good job,” Shanahan assessed.  “He did what he needed to do for us to win. I know he would have loved to have that fumble back. It was five plays that I thought he missed, but overall he did a good job.”

With a new line, new running back, and new receivers, to miss only a handful of plays is pretty impressive.  But for the few mistakes he made, Shanahan expects to see improvement going forward.

“I have a lot of confidence in Rex,” Shanahan said.  “He was playing a hell of a game, although he had about two bad series in a row. It’s all about how you come back and respond and he did a good job. In the NFL, people are going to have bad plays. It’s all about how you respond.”

He should have a good opportunity against an Arizona secondary that gave up over 400 yards through the air.

Check out Kyle Shanahan’s full presser below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”726607/redskins_2011-09-15-162007.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “When Grossman Executes, Team Can Win

  1. With Arizona’s secondary coming to town, I expect a very big game from Rex and the offense. The game comes down to whether we can control Larry. If the secondary can have at least a decent game and our running game gets going, we should win by at least 9-10 points.


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