First Quarter Deductions

News flash: Tim Hightower cares about this game.

On the ninth play of the opening drive, Hightower embraced his role as a pass blocker a little too enthusiastically, and was the target of some extra curricular activities with Cardinals linebacker Paris Lenon after the play.

Hightower takes some cheap shots, Redskins take the first down.

Unfortunately the drive stalled after 70 yards, and an errant pass by Grossman near the goal line ended up going the other way.  Not the way the offense wanted to start.

The Redskins defense looks to have carried over the tenacious aggression from last week.  Linebacker London Fletcher has Cardinal’s quarterback Kevin Kolb moving around in the pocket and is forcing wild passes.  But just like against Eli Manning last week, if Kolb has a chance to step up in the pocket, he has a chance to make a play to his talented receivers.

After a great start to his season last week, Grossman has struggled early against the Cardinals secondary.  While his interception in the redzone was off the mark, his second pick was a product of an Anthony Armstrong tipped pass.  The Redskins have been aggressive throwing the ball in the first frame, but the stats don’t tell the full story.  Unfortunately, that pass should have fallen incomplete.

Tim Hightower has been fed the rock out of the gate again, and his blocking has picked up as the quarter progressed.  If there wasn’t bad blood before the game, there is after the fight.  This will be a developing storyline as the game goes on.

Redskins dominated time of possession in the first quarter, controlling the ball for almost 13 minutes, but don’t have anything to show for it.

Cardinals have the early advantage, 7-0.

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