NRG Solar Bowl Features Star-Power

As part of the unveiling of the brand new partnership with NRG Energy, the Redskins and NRG hosted the “NRG Solar Bowl,” before the game.  Quarterback superstars Joe Theismann, Joe Montana, Mark Rypien, and Doug Flutie were accompanied by NRG Energy CEO David Crane.

The quartet was available for comments before the festivities, and lots of photo opportunities.  They then showed off their own arms, and coached fans through the QB Challenge drills.

After near misses on his first two throws, Theismann said, “We could be here all day.”  He drilled his third throw.

After misses several throws, the double-Super-Bowl-blinged Mark Rypien made the excuse of: “Maybe I should take my rings off.”

Check out the action below:

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