ESPN Glitch: Redskins Lose Yesterday

A common cliche in the football dialect, is: “That’s why you play all 60 minutes.”

But in the parallel universe of’s NFL Scoreboard page, (which I used to watch for live stats during the game) play ceased after 45 minutes, and the page refused to update through much of the fourth quarter.

Therefore,  the game went final, and the Cardinals won the game 14-10, improving to 2-0 on the season and 1-0 on the road.  Sadly, the Redskins fell to 1-1, and 1-1 at home:


Now in’s defense, they eventually spotted the gaffe and corrected it.

Everyone makes mistakes, but I’ll choose this version of reality over ESPN’s.

0 thoughts on “ESPN Glitch: Redskins Lose Yesterday

  1. ESPN had diffuculties updating across the stat tracker and the site. different updates published at different times while technical problems were resolved… other sites were updating and technical difficulties happen… attempting to put ESPN under the bus for a formula in a database is alittle ignorant.


    • @Dan-
      Journalism 101: two fundamental qualities of news is timeliness and accuracy. ESPN puts themselves out there as a worldwide leader in sports, but, as I noted in my piece, a glitch occurred, and they were inaccurate at a very untimely time. However, this is not a problem with updating a stat tracker as you would suggest, this is an issue of posting the game as final, a full quarter early, with an incorrect score. I didn’t put anybody under a bus, I didn’t say they were the only ones with problems, because I don’t frankly care. Yahoo! Sports did not have glitches, so for my purposes, that’s my new source of in-game stats.

      Thanks goodness the Redskins are 2-0. HTTR!


  2. Hey Dan:

    1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

    Are you the stat tracker guy? If not, then it looks like you’re the ignorant one.


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