Grossman Sees Offensive Progress

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The key that unlocks playoff berths in the NFL is for a team to win on their home turf.

It’s no secret that it’s harder to win games on the road, but somehow in 2010, the Redskins won twice as many road games (four) as home games (two).

In only two opportunities in 2011, the Redskins have already matched their home-wins mark from a season ago, and quarterback Rex Grossman feels good about where the team stands.

“Being 2-0 feels good, and we feel like we’re headed in the right direction,” he said after the game.  “Those are the types of situations that build momentum and confidence as a team.”

For the second consecutive week, the team has trailed by at least a touchdown, but there’s a certain unflappable quality to the team so far.

“Nervous?  I dunno about nervous,” he said about the deficit.  “You are only concentrating on just finishing drives.  We didn’t capitalize on some of our drives, but we did when it counted.”

And when the clock struck zero, the Burgundy and Gold had the advantage.

Check out Grossman’s full video below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”729049/729049_2011-09-18-173049.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Grossman Sees Offensive Progress

  1. Well, so far so good, Rexor. You’ve fended off both Beck and your critics- so far. It’s been a good 1/8 of the season. You enter Week 3 as the best QB in the division- by virtue of being healthly and not being Eli Manning.

    Now please don’t drop the f-ing ball when Misters Ware, Ratliff and Spencer get their mits on you Monday. Step up in the pocket and deliver- Helu or Highwater will be open, as will Super Davis. Just don’t force it to Jabar or Santana.


  2. I really hope this is what I think it is….a very good start on what could be the BEST year we have had in 20 years. My daughter is 21 and she has grown up a Redskin fan. However, unlike her father and I she has never see her team as winners. Maybe this year. London Fletcher you and Kerrigan and Fred Davis and Helu and Hightower are my new heros!
    Having said that…I am cautiously hopeful for Mr. Grossman to step up and be what we need….a good quarterback. Regardless of the fact that our O line and D line are looking significantly better we still need Rexy Baby to do his thing….effectively.


  3. The real test comes Monday night against Dallas. In long time rivalries it rarely matters how good or bad a team has been up to that point, it matters that they stay focused and not let the moment become bigger than them.

    With Romo hurting they will be giving Kitna lots of snaps, the Skins will need to prepare for two QB’s this time. The first order of business for the defense is to know Romo out early and set them on their heels.

    For the offense the first order of business is early third down conversions to set the tone. I like a pass, run strategy for first and second down. Six or seven yards on first down will make for a very successful running game.

    Remember the 80’s, Gibbs used two tight end offenses with great success, I think it could work again. Just a thought Shany.


  4. i think the skins look the best i have seen them in years. The O and D lines are blocking, penetrating, and working together. The backfield has an extremely dangerous duo that compliment each other well!! The recieving team including TE’s are running good coordinated routes and make the catches while gaining yards. The safetys, corners and LB’s are terrefic. They are reading the QB’s, the RB’s and are making great plays and stops. And rex is bring everything together and is the best QB the skins have had for years. I Am impressed and love watching the skins play again. They are applying the fundamentals and basics of football and the attitude of the team is positive and it reflects in how they are playing. been a skin fan for about 20 years now and am glad to see them playing football again!!! Good job guys!!!!!


  5. I live in Big D now but grew up at RFK! The folks down here think they will win and win easy. Right, wrong or indifferent – this Skins team needs to take advantage of the opportunity…Cowboys are dinged up pretty bad. Stay the course, make the necessary adjustments and we win by 10. Caution OLINE, Cowboys D are nasty!


  6. we have the magic this year thats a well worn out statement;we are playing as a team. Our defense appears to have the caliber of expertise to be in the top 5 teams. we’re young, fast and are willing to hit with reckless abandon.i love it when espn says that were not for real.
    Next monday nite 24-17


  7. I am so proud of you all as a team. I WOULD NOT be able to get out on that field & do half of what you do at any given time. I feel this season you ALL have been playing with more confidence in yourselves. I pray that the “haters” never shake your confidence. Just do your best at what you love. Dont let the politics break down the team spirit. ALL MY LOVE & APPLAUSE…come what may…no team has more DEDICATED FANS than “THE ALMIGHTY WASHINGTON REDSKINS” Much love to you all.


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