Players Aren’t Interested In Days Off

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While the Redskins may have declined Victory Monday last week, the team earned it this week, and has an extra day as they prepare for Dallas.  In the interest of keeping players fresh and focused, the team isn’t holding organized activities today, but that doesn’t mean that players aren’t coming in to workout and improve after yesterday’s close victory.

Receiver Donte Stallworth earned his first active game as a Redskin, and caught two passes for 16 yards.  No day off for him:!/DonteStallworth/status/115794743753048064

Defensive end Adam Carriker was involved in a play yesterday where a ball was tipped high in the air, and landed in his unsure lineman mitts.  Almost as soon as he had it, it was ripped out for an incomplete pass, an opportunity that he doesn’t intend to lose again.  No day off for him, or fellow lineman Darrion Scott:!/AdamCarriker/status/115783010296668160!/DarrionScott/status/115790480805081088

Even injured defensive end Jarvis Jenkins is using Victory Monday as a day to get back faster for next season:!/Jarvis99jenkins/status/115753003159535616

This is a young team that’s keeping their heads down and focusing on the next game up with a team-first mentality:!/RyanKerrigan91/status/115603816132509696!/DonteStallworth/status/115539492399611904!/freddavis83/status/115534265290199040

0 thoughts on “Players Aren’t Interested In Days Off

  1. This is a good group of players we have now — no more bad apples. We have a mix of committed vets and young guys who are hungry and looking to improve.


  2. One of the worst things a sports fan sees is when the players on his team just don’t care. Tickets cost a LOT of money for the regular working man. There’s the image of the athlete getting a large paycheck and doing the absolute minimum…..BUT NOT IN DC!! at least not anymore! The team seems to genuinely care! giving up days off, working extra, being proactive and even acknowledging the fans for the volume on game day!….makes me want to save up and go to more games!
    HAIL TO THE REDSKINS and spank dall-ass!!!


  3. I went to the game Sunday and there’s a different feeling around the Stadium!! It’s a feeling we haven’t had in a long time. The Wins are great but were looking like a TEAM for once. They want to win, Hungry, tired of losing and so were the fans. So far the Shanny’s have done a good job since taking the teaam over last year. Let’s keep on working hard and make this team Super Bowl Contenders!! Redskins Nation is Hungry for a Ring!!! By the way Kick the Cowboys Ass!!! Feel free Landry or Fletcher or Rakpo for a late hit on Romo;)


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