Redskins Appreciate Hispanic Heritage

In conjunction with the NFL’s Hispanic Heritage Month, the Redskins celebrated the diversity of their fan base yesterday with several pregame and in-game tributes:

1. Before the game, the team played the Spanish version of the Redskins fight song, “Viva Los Redskins!

2. The Junior Redskins Cheerleaders performed a Hispanic-themed routine during the halftime show.

3. Also on the field, Guillermo Enrique Lopez received the NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award, recognizing the contributions he made in the community. Lopez has been on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Bobby Mitchell Hall of Fame Golf Classic Committee that has raised over $7 million for LLS since the tournament’s inception.

After the game, players had some good perspectives on the contributions of the Hispanic community to the NFL.

Running back Tim Hightower:

“I actually had a chance to go to Mexico last summer, and I didn’t even realize the following that we had,” he said.  “You just get so caught up locally with what we have here in the United States,and you don’t realize.  I mean, there’s 500 kids out there at this camp who love football, who know who you are, and who are working like you were working in Little League and high school.”

He continued: “To have a chance to honor them for the respect and support that they give us, I am really grateful that we do it.  We honor other people and other cultures in other countries, who support this great sport, because it’s a great sport.”

Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan:

“It’s great that football has become such a global thing,” he said.  “For a game that we play in London, we play in Toronto, and have Hispanic Heritage Week–it’s a good thing that they NFL is doing in trying to make it a global game.”

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