Capitals’ Owner Rocks The Redskins

Among the many D.C. faithful in attendance on Sunday, NHL Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis was present to cheer on the Redskins.

Leonsis posted about his experience on his personal blog, Ted’s Take:


We had a blast.

I bought tickets and sat in the Dream Seats near the end zone – me, my son and two of his friends. The seats were perfect as was the service in our area. The weather was great, the sight lines were terrific and the fans were friendly.

The parking lot was easy to get in and out of. Traffic wasn’t bad. We grabbed burgers at Johnny Rockets before the game. Quite tasty I must say and everyone was friendly, nice and supportive.

The game was tense, hard fought and terrific. I am happy the Skins won and played before a passionate and loud crowd. It is great to see success for all teams of late here in DC.

I really enjoyed myself and will definitely try to catch another game soon. Hail to the Redskins! See this goofy photo of me in our seats at the game. Thanks.

I think it’s great that there’s appreciation between and among the sports teams in Washington, especially now that there seems to be renaissance of sports in the district.  This is the second Capitals encounter in as many months, after Caps coach Bruce Boudreau paid a visit to training camp in August.

Rock the Redskins, and hail to D.C. sports.

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