Week 3 Power Rankings Roundup

This week, in ambiguous standards of ranking NFL teams, the Redskins are climbing once again.  Most sites had the Redskins making a huge leap last week, but they continue to trend upward after a 2-0 start.

It’s hard to ignore one of only seven undefeated teams left in the NFL after two weeks.

CBSSports.com gave the Redskins No. 13, up from 14:

FoxSports.com gave the Redskins No. 15, the same as last week:

NBC/ProFootballTalk.com gave the Redskins No. 16, up from 20:

ESPN.com gave the Redskins No. 15, up from 19:

NFC East blogger for ESPN.com, Dan Graziano, had commentary to go along with the rise:

That’s a 13-spot jump in two weeks from a team that began the season ranked 28th on this list. Only the Bills (11 spots), Titans (eight spots) and Texans (five spots) made bigger jumps this week than did the Redskins, who vault into the top half of the list. Based on the way they’ve played so far, they’ve earned the spot, and clearly they never belonged down at 28 in the first place (as at least one astute and ruggedly handsome blogger said at the time). You could even make the case to rank them ahead of San Diego, Dallas or Tampa Bay — the three teams directly ahead of them — based only on the way they’ve played so far. But I think it’s fair to put them where they are right now until we see more. If they’re 3-0 this time next week, I expect another big jump, not to mention a lot of Rex Grossman feature stories in national publications.

Obviously the team made the biggest jump on ESPN and NBC/Profootballtalk.com, who both reserved skepticism after Week 1.  Now the general consensus seems to have the Redskins at about the middle of the pack for the league, which is more indicative of the nature of trends than the level of talent on this team.  Week 3 holds another big test on a national stage in Dallas, on Monday Night Football.

Although the team is only 2-0, they have already met the season-high expectations of Sporting News Magazine.  Should the Redskins begin a catastrophic nosedive in the final 14 weeks, they might still achieve the anticipated 2-14 mark.  But regardless of any of that, this is a start hot enough to melt the haters.

At least for now.

0 thoughts on “Week 3 Power Rankings Roundup

  1. Based on how the Skins have played I’d say a ranking between 13 and 16 is about right. On offense they produce a lot of yards, but have trouble in the red zone and have some really bad turnovers. On defense they do well against the pass and create some big plays, but don’t stop the run well. Right now they’re an average to slightly above-average team.

    The positive slant is that given the youth of the team and given that they are beginning only their second year in the Shanahan/Haslett system, the Redskins should only improve as the year goes on.

    The negative slant is that there is little depth on both the offensive and defensive line, so a key injury to either line could greatly reduce the team’s effectiveness.

    Regardless, the team is clearly moving in the right direction.


  2. I never put stock into that 2-14 prediction. We’re better at every single position except QB, and even there, I go as far as to argue that Grossman is a better FIT for this offense than McNabb. Last year, the Redskins lost by more than one score THREE times, beat some teams we should have beat, did the same old letting teams we should beat hang in there, and then teams we had no business being in the game with, we hung in until the final drive. We even beat the Packers before their biggest slew of injuries even set (we sort of started it though, haha). Getting better at every position and the new attitude, we should be able to overcome a couple of those games that we have no business being in, and as we’ve seen so far, we should be able to find ways to win games against teams that we should beat or we’re even with.

    As far as having no depth on the lines, the O-Line, our “depth” is versatile enough to play 3 positions, and our starters are also versatile enough to switch over (the benefit of having Shanahan’s zone-blocking scheme and guys who are a little more speedy and having better blocking footwork), not to mention there’s a kid Shanahan trusts on the practice squad. D-Line is alright tbh. Both NT’s can play DE and we’ve actually got several DE’s, so if one goes down, we don’t have to worry too much, not to mention bringing in a guy from the PS.

    This team is so much better than years past, and it’s evident in how amped they look taking the field. Fletcher is having fun and dancing when he makes big plays, Orakpo damn near thought he was at a bah mitzvah when the Cardinals got a false start penalty, the O-Line engages in fights the RB starts. We’re a very good team… not great, but we’re a lot better than we’ll ever be given credit for.


  3. Sean – i agree with basically everything you say except the depth at o- and d-line. if you look at the skins depth chart (www.nfl.com/teams/washingtonredskins/depthchart?team=WAS), they have no backups listed for the guard positions and one backup listed for the center: Erik Cook.

    Cook has never actually played a snap in the NFL, and if either Chester, Montgomery, or Lichtensteiger go down, Erik Cook (did I mention he’s never played a snap in the NFL?) will be the starter.

    On D-line the depth is reasonable at defensive end, but Nose Tackle is the concern. Nose Tackle is the most important position in a 3-4 defense (as Jim Haslett has repeatedly mentioned), and after Cofield there is exactly one backup, Chris Neild. Neild made some nice plays week 1, but as a rookie 7th round draft pick it’s a real question how he would hold up as a starter every play every game.


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