McIntosh Has Top-Rated New Show

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Redskins fans have seen Rocky McIntosh at outside linebacker, inside linebacker, and now finally as a top news correspondent.


McIntosh’s new online show “52 Seconds with Rocky McIntosh,” is a creation of the NFL Players Association School of The Legends website.  After it’s first week, his show was ranked No. 1 of the 64 player correspondents.

Among the topics that he discusses in last week’s video, is the joy of beating the Giants (a first, for him), the keys to the Cardinals game, and the faith that he has in “Sexy Rexy.”  Probably the more relevant aspect of the interview at this point is his look at Graham Gano’s locker.

There’s nothing like surprising a teammate with a camera crew to rummage through his things.

The other side of this project is the former player correspondent, Redskins safety Vernon Fox.  Fox was a member of the Redskins from 2006-07, and interviewed former teammate Reed Doughty in this week’s segment.

Doughty talks about how in his six years in Washington, he’s played for three head coaches and defensive coordinators, and 17 different safeties.  He attributed his longevity with the team to “dependability, accountability, and durability.”

“I’ve been versatile, playing defense, special teams, dime, free safety, strong safety–really, whatever they need,” he said. I’ve just taken the opportunity, where if there’s a job that I can learn on the back end of the defense, I’ll learn it. Just in case there’s somebody that needs to step in at gametime, they can count on me.”

He said that his favorite memory with the Redskins was the game after Sean Taylor’s tragic passing, in which the defense took the field with only 10 players, pointing towards the sky.

“It was gut-wrenching,” he remembered.  “Having Sean out there with us and standing on the sidelines watching it, was just really special. Y’know, we’ll always miss Sean, and we all know what kind of person he was, what a great player he was, and we’ll miss him.”

On a lighter note, Doughty also thanked the fans for being the best part about playing in Washington.

“Up or down, you know that they’re gonna be with us,” he said.  “Yeah, they’re gonna be on your case at times, but that means that they’re passionate and they care about the game. I mean, nobody would wanna play the game in this city if nobody cared.”

“Hopefully we can finish strong, go to the playoffs and make something happen.”

Isn’t that what every athlete should want?

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