Shanahan Admires Bowen’s Focus

AP Image

Today’s post-practice press conference was full of distractions, including four planes flying over, two golf carts driving by, and wide receiver Donte Stallworth belting out his rendition of whatever was on his iPod.

Just another day at Redskins Park.

This Monday’s matchup against the Cowboys has a lot of emotion riding on it, especially for new Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen.  Bowen was a valuable member of the Cowboys defense for the last five years before coming to Washington, and has worked extremely hard in the last two months to adjust to the Redskins defense.

But he has done all of this while mourning the loss of one of his infant twins, and making frequent visits to see his son in the hospital.

“You’re talking about somebody who is mentally tough,” head coach Mike Shanahan said of Bowen.  “He’s so tight with his family and cares so much about his family. For him to be able to do what he’s doing about it is just amazing in itself. I take my hat off to him and it sounds like the baby is doing well and should be back maybe Friday. I know that means a lot to him like it does the rest of the team.”

The fact that he has so far lived up to his billing on the gridiron, has not been lost on his head coach:

“He’s done a great job for us,” Shanahan said.  “He’s a pro. He’s a student of the game and he works every day. He’s accountable and he’s what we were hoping for.”

Catch more Shanahan wisdom after the jump:
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