Anthony Armstrong Interviews Himself

AP Image

Receiver Anthony Armstrong was born in the suburbs of Dallas.  He grew up and went to college in Texas.  He played for a Texas team in the Intense Football League, and then the Dallas Desperadoes of the Arena Football League.

And then he came to Washington.

He’s already hashed out the story line about playing in front of his hometown crowd.  He’s already hashed out the story line about Dallas Week.

So he decided to skip the midde man and interview himself today:

Reporter Anthony: “How’s it feel to be playing in front of your hometown crowd?”

Receiver Anthony: “It feels great.”

Reporter Anthony: “How do you feel about playing in front of your home crowd with everyone of your family and friends asking for tickets?”

Receiver Anthony: “That’ll be fun.  I’ve gotta turn everybody down, but I’ll still have to hook up about 15 of them.”

Reporter Anthony: “What do you see from the Dallas secondary?”

Receiver Anthony: “Lots of injuries, but T. Newman is supposed to be coming back, and he’s a Pro Bowler, been playing for a while.  So that’ll help them out.  You’ve always gotta worry about Spencer and Ware coming off the edge, so we’ve gotta make sure that we protect and deal with the crowd noise.”

Reporter Anthony: “How do you feel about your role in the offense so far?”

Receiver Anthony: “I dunno, we’ll see.  Y’know, hopefully I get a lot of opportunities, and get to score in Dallas this time, in front of my mom this time.  That would be fun.”

Fed up with the line of questioning, public relations Anthony stepped in and stopped the interview.

PR Anthony: “That’s it, that’s enough questions for now.”

The poor guy got grilled.

He also threw in that when he got here in 2009, he didn’t realize how big the rivalry was until there was a fight in practice the week leading up to the game.

“There’s a lot of intensity that goes with it, and DC certainly has a lot of pride in beating Dallas.  Hopefully we can go ahead and do that for them on Monday night.”

When asked if there was anything juicy he could say to rile up the rivalry, he laughed and said, “I don’t have to rile up the rivalry at all.  It is what it is, and it’s going to be intense for me.  This is gonna be a close game no matter who is playing, and we just want to come out on top.”

This is a combustible rivalry as it is, and Armstrong made sure to let the media know that he’ll do his talking on the field.

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