Atogwe Channels The Incredible Hulk

What does the Incredible Hulk have to do with the Redskins?  Starting safety Oshiomogho Atogwe.

Atogwe has an army of Hulk action figures in his locker, each complete with varying degrees of enraged expressions, swords, battle axes, armor, and pure Hulk-power.

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“He’s just my favorite comic character, or at least one of my favorites,” Atogwe explained.  “I think he’s synonymous to a lot of football players, especially myself.  You act one way in everyday life, and then when you get on the field, you’re totally different characters.”

Atogwe is very intelligent and measured with his words off the field, but on the field, he lets the intensity fuel him.

“When you get on that football field, it’s a violent game,” he said.  “It ain’t for the feint of heart, and you have to be ready to be violent, to be aggressive.”

This is something that Atogwe embraces seven days a week during the season, not just on game day.  Practice or game, it’s the same Atogwe.

“You want to practice the way you wanna play on Sunday,” he explained.  “So you have to play smarter, and you have to wiser, to not take your teammates out.  You have to play within reason, but you definitely want to bring that same passion and intensity with you.”

The awesome drawing (pictured above) of the Redskins Hulk rampaging through the NFC East was a creation of his wife, Jill.  The Redskins have already bloodied the Giants noses, and will look to snatch the Cowboys and squash the Eagles in the next month.

“The Hulk has come to the NFC East,” he said with a big smile.  “Hey, it’s me, it’s D, it’s LaRon, it’s all of us.”

Check out his training intensity from a video shot this summer by the crew at Draft Nasty:

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