Behind Enemy Lines With Jason Garrett

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Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has seen the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry from all Dallas angles: as a quarterback for the Cowboys in the 90’s, as an offensive coordinator for the team in the 2000s, and finally as a head coach starting midway through last season.

Lifetime, he holds an 8-5 record in games that he actually played or coached against the Redskins, which breaks down to:

  • 3-2 as an active participant in the game
  • 1-0 as a starter
  • 5-3 as a coach
  • 4-3 as a coordinator
  • 1-0 as a head coach

As a player, he went 25-for-40 for 270 yards and a touchdown.  He also rushed four times for -2 yards.

Check out those wheels.

After observing this rivalry for nearly two decades, he thinks it’s just as competitive and important now, as it always was.

“I don’t think the rivalry is any different,” he told the media on Wednesday.  “Those teams were awfully good in the 90’s, on both sides.  With Washington coming off the Super Bowls and the Cowboys going into a stretch where they won three Super Bowls in four years, they were outstanding football teams competing against each other.”

Despite the personnel changes and schematic adjustments over the years, the fans and the history of the two towns have kept the rivalry very relevant.

“The rivalry exists, and has existed, throughout the history of these franchises,” he said.  “It’s been one of the great rivalries in the National Football League, and it’s been fun to be a part of it both as a player and now as a coach.”

If Romo is unable to go on Monday night, Garrett may want to knock the rust on his right arm.  Otherwise, the Redskins will look to even out his coaching record on Monday night.

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