Sav Rocca Relishes The Highlight Hits (With Video)

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Typically when a team relies on the punter for a saving tackle on special teams, it’s because of a breakdown in coverage.  But Redskins fans shouldn’t fear when Rocca squares up on a returner: he made a living on hits.

“From the age of 17, I was playing professional football,” he said.  “I started late, as a junior in high school, but before that, I was a shot put and discus thrower.”

How many sports can this guy play?

“Coming from Australia and playing Australian football, we have to tackle as much as we can,” said the 14-season AFL vet.  “Over there, at the end of the day, teams will go through stats of tackles, and the ones with the most tackles would typically win.  It’s something that was a big focus back in Australian Rules, and it’s something that I enjoy doing.”

Standing at 6-5, 265, he’s taller and heavier than every linebacker on the team except for Lorenzo Alexander (275).  With 219 tackles in Aussie Rules, he knows how to drop the hammer.

Just ask Cardinals punt returner, Patrick Peterson:

With 10 seconds to go, in the game, Rocca punted the ball from the Cardinals 41, two yards deep in the endzone.  Peterson returned the punt, weaving his way 29 yards down the field, where destiny met opportunity, in the form of Rocca.

“I was a bit upset that he ended up taking it out of the end zone,” Rocca said slyly after the game. “I thought I better get down and make the play.”

Rocca lowered his head and drove it into Peterson’s midsection, blowing him back and into the turf and ending the game.  His form earned the congratulations of teammates Anthony Armstrong and London Fletcher on the field.

Rocca has been a master of his craft in the first two games, dropping six-of-nine punts inside the opposing 20-yard line.  This week, he will look to take his talents to Cowboys Stadium, where the atmosphere will be much more hostile.

“It’s one of those things where, regardless of where we’re playing or what the situation of the game, I try to stay as focused as I can, as relaxed as I can,” he explained.  “So there’s never ups and downs or fluctuations of moods. I try to stay as level as I can.”

And sometimes that means leveling another team’s punt returner.

0 thoughts on “Sav Rocca Relishes The Highlight Hits (With Video)

  1. saw it. It was every bit as sweet as the article makes it sound. Rocca laid that dude out and the game was over. He kind of stood over him for a second too, like he wanted him to get up so he could do it again.


  2. Yep, that was an awesome play and you could see Alexander run over to him afterward. How often is it that you get excited over a punter? Really diggin that dude.


  3. Why would you write that rocca lowered his head and hit him in the midsection??? The returner tried to freight train his way through Rocca, Rocca stood there, wrapped him up and put him down like he was an insect. If anything the receiver’s head hits Rocca in the midsection…not that yu can tell because he i completely swallowed…maybe thats why there is no video posted, to overlook the imaginary journalism.


    • @alex–

      Glad you noticed the video 😛 I didn’t mean to offend your sense of journalism, imaginary or otherwise. Clearly the post is highlighting a player that never makes big hits (as noted in the headline), and is written in a typically tongue-in-cheek manner…?


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