A Golden Day At Redskins Park

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No amount of rain could dampen spirits at Redskins Park today.

As the last business day before the latest installment of the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry (Monday will be a ghost town around here), all Redskins employees and interns are decked out in gold “Beat Dallas” spirit shirts.

Thanks to Redskins.com intern Chris Mudd for the shirt modelling, your future on the runway is a lock.

Casual Friday is always a nice change-up from the usual business attire, and there’s a buzz inside the office today.  As players were coming off the field, they were greeted with the customary front office personnel cheering them to victory:

0 thoughts on “A Golden Day At Redskins Park

  1. I just want to say THANKS to ALL the Redskins players and coaching staff, and Congratulations on a Great start to this season! I have been a Skins fan basically since birth! I am the only one in my family that is a Die Hard Redskins fan! You all have really made a Great adjustment to the newer additions on the team, Rex is confident and has Great potential to put you in the running for a Super Bowl title!

    I wish you ALL the best this season! Keep it up guys! Your doing GREAT!!! I will be at the Nov 6th game against the 49er’s with my brother, he’s a 49er’s fan. Can’t wait for him to walk in with a 49er’s jersey on, and leave with a Reskins jersey on!!! Thats our bet!


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