Dexter Manley Sacks Big D

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Former Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley is Secretary of Defense in Redskins Nation, and is probably a bigger fan of the Burgundy and Gold than you or I could ever be.

In the past, he’s suggested that he would run over various members of his extended family for a win.  This time around, he told Mike Wise and Holden Kushner of “The Fan,” that he would risk his own life and limb:

This is sorta my stick, and I stick to it: I’d rather lose an arm than lose to the Cowboys.

How many of you can say that?

Manley offered his take of the fabled rivalry, saying:

I think the Redskins have got a legitimate shot at beating the Cowboys.  The last time they started out 2-0, was I dunno…probably in the 40’s or something…I think everyone should get behind the Redskins, and support the Burgundy and Gold.

For the record, it was 2007 when they were last 2-0, but it feels like the 1940s.

Manley also described how, in last year’s home opener against the Cowboys, he took his role as honorary captain to heart.  During the pregame ceremonies, he wanted to give Tony Romo’s throwing hand his famous “YMCA Handshake,” which has been known to put shake recipients out of commission.

Too bad he never got Romo’s attention.

Manley also predicted a big day for the Redskins pass-rush against the Cowboys line and Romo:

They say [Romo]’s tough, but I haven’t seen it so far…I just think that Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan are gonna have an outstanding day.

Along with being Secretary of Defense, Manley might be the biggest Redskins fan out there.

0 thoughts on “Dexter Manley Sacks Big D

  1. Mr. D , you were the “skins” when you played , miss you on the team , What u had is what’s been missing from the teams since u left , I think u need to give a blood transfusion to the team , although we might be seeing a little of that now .


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