Last Minute Tweets Before Gametime

AP Image

Players have shed their blackberries, raspberries, cranberries and iPods before the game, as per NFL rules.  Players are out in the far endzone warming up.

A familiar No. 30 has taken his usual spot, patrolling the middle of the Redskins secondary.  LaRon Landry is expected to start for the Burgundy and Gold tonight.

The team has huddled at mid-field, under a barrage of boos from the swelling Cowboys crowd.

Here are the last thoughts from the players, as kickoff approaches.

There are some rookies with a few pregame jitters:!/Niles_Paul/status/118431481864523776!/BThompson_BT/status/118409370898939904

There’s some positive self-talk:!/speedybanks16/status/118401112624734208

And some team spirit, which has carried the team to 2-0:!/darrelyoung/status/118421774718337024!/cbaker92redskin/status/118440426926645248!/DonteStallworth/status/118384689965826048!/cbaker92redskin/status/118442074512171008

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