Talking Heads Weigh In On MNF

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The Redskins-Cowboys brawl on Monday Night Football is getting a lot of national media attention as we sit less than 12 hours away.  Here’s what the talking heads are saying about the matchup:

NFL Network/

Inside story

Dallas is desperately banged up in the secondary and at receiver. All of their top playmakers on offense are dealing with some malady or another and Tony Romo is really hurting. Redskins tight end Fred Davis provides issues for Dallas in coverage. Could something special be brewing in D.C.?

Analyst picks: A clean Burgundy and Gold sweep.

Sharpe: Redskins

Theismann: Redskins

Baldinger: Redskins

Millen: Redskins

Fan pick: Even


ESPN Analysts: Three-of-seven select the Redskins

Allen: Cowboys

Golic: Cowboys

Hoge: Redskins

Mortensen: Cowboys

Schefter: Redskins

Schlereth: Redskins

Wickersham: Cowboys

Accuscore and Pick’em fans also selected the Cowboys to win (42 percent vs. 57 percent).’s NFC East Blogger Dan Graziano predicts a narrow Redskins victory:

Just two games this week in the NFC East, but they’re both big divisional matchups. I’ll be at both games, and here are my predictions for the way they’ll turn out. Click the video above to hear my explanations…

Redskins 14, Cowboys 13

Sports Illustrated/

Peter King threw in his educated two cents on the matchup:

On the Cowboys:

It’ll be interesting to see how the Dallas offensive players heal during the course of the week.  They get an extra day because it’s a Monday Night game, and I think probably the most important things to look for during the course of the week is, how much improvement do you get, health wise, in Dez Bryant?  He’s got a quad injury, and Miles Austin with a hamstring injury.  If you’re without both of those guys or even one of those guys, your offense is going to be down significantly.  I think you need your horses to play in this game.  I don’t expect Tony Romo to miss any time because of the cracked ribs.

On the Redskins:

Another thing about this game that is really interesting, is I think you’re starting to see what Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen, the general manager, wanted to build.  They’re trying to build a team, a smart quarterback, a ball-control, ball-possession team,with a back like Hightower, that’s a tough, physical, inside runner, with 96 rushing yards last week.  And I think with the Washington Redskins, they’re starting to build the team they want, and they’ve got a long way to go with that, but this is going to be a really good, close, competitive game.  And y’know, even though it’s only Week 3, health may go a very long way in determining who wins this one.

0 thoughts on “Talking Heads Weigh In On MNF

  1. I agree it probably will be close. I think Rex can shred the ‘boys DBs, but the run game is what I think will be the key. I hope Kyle sticks to the run in the second half and doesn’t go to the pass like he did against the Cards.


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