Third Quarter Thoughts

Starting off the third quarter of the third NFL game, Redskins outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan checked off his latest career-first, with a forced fumble on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.  To recap his short career, in brief:

Week 1 Career Firsts: Start, tackle, pass defensed, interception, touchdown

Week 2 Career Firsts: Quarterback hit, Tackle for a loss, Sack

Week 3 Career Firsts: Forced fumble.

I don’t want to ruin Week 4 for you members of the blogosphere, but watch out for No. 91 on field goals.

After being shut out of receptions last week, tight end Chris Cooley has come through in a big way this week, snagging three passes for 37 yards, and doing it all in the blocking game.  On a particularly satisfying note, the house that Jerry Jones built bellows out “Coooooooley!” after every reception.  The Redskins faithful are making themselves be heard tonight.

Tim Hightower’s reception for a touchdown was the first of his career, and was the biggest lead by either team in game.  It’s been a tough night for the running game so far, but the Redskins are sticking with it, and Hightower has been dealing out punishment to Cowboys defenders.

Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan is in attendance tonight, and didn’t look particularly congenial on the jumbo-tron, following the Hightower touchdown.  Reserve offensive lineman Sean Locklear was also featured during the mandatory Kissing Cam segment, but neglected the invitation to kiss any of his teammates.

No one was disappointed.

Going into the final frame, the Redskins are in the driver’s seat, with the ball and a four-point lead.

0 thoughts on “Third Quarter Thoughts

  1. what game are you watching? the skins have NOT stuck with their running game; kyle abandoned it completely in the 3rd quarter, even though the skins had the lead. how stupid is that? result, the cowboys, using their running game even though they are behind, have closed to within 1 point. where is torrain?


  2. Yep Cowboys 5 yards away from the game winning field goal. Never mind face mask. cowboys set for win. Blitz never got there all night. the Skins true colors are shinning and they are damn ugly colors.


  3. Is it really fair to the opposing team and appropiate for any injured player to wear armour in a game? I kinda thought that if one sustains such an injury, he should not be allowed to play for his own safety. With this ruling, every player on the Redskins team can say he is injured and wear kevlar armour on his chest during all future games.


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