Which Unit Deserves Your Game Ball?

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Alright Couch Potato Coach, it’s your weekly call for the game ball.  Since this game is too close to call at the 2 minute warning, you have to pick a unit, instead of a player, to win your respect.  Who do you have?

0 thoughts on “Which Unit Deserves Your Game Ball?

  1. bryan tinsman, i ask again, “what game are you watching?” GAME BALL! there is no GAME BALL! kyle shanahan blew the game by calling nothing but passing plays the entire 2nd half, even though the skins had the lead. SO THERE WILL BE NO GAME BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. No game ball? What about stopping a Cowboys touchdown on three consecutive plays from the 2 yard line? What about 7 fumbles by the Cowboys? How about Kerrigan being closer to Romo than his kevlar vest all game?

    No, you’re right, because Kyle Shanahan can’t seem to commit to the run, nobody deserves a game ball. Especially the two sides of the ball that have nothing to do with KS. Geez.


  3. I am so embarrassed. Dalllas played the sloppiest game that I can recall, yet we lost. Please find us a quarterback that is decisive and can look more than one way. The defense was awesome. Get rid of Rex and we may have a fighting chance. He just uses up too much clock time and just is not a quality quarterback. For Como to out play him with his poor offense and cracked ribs should be a wake up call to Redskins management team.


  4. Game ball? Didnt you guys know we lost the damn game? One field goal blocked; no TD with ball at 10yd line and 4 chances to put it in/ Grossman intercepted again at critical time. A Dallas pass of 30 yards with 21 and 3rd down. We are not that good, so lets wake up to reality. We couldnt control an inmobile QB – Dallas won the game. We didnt. They are a better team. good teams find ways to win. Mediocre teams find it hard to win games. So be it. Wait till we draft some more good players next year and the year after that – and we get a new QB and a RB.


  5. Rex Grossman should be the second string qb. Interception, fumble, inability to lead the team consistently, 3 and out, looking who is behind him rather than running full blast towards the sideline – I just don’t understand. If I am the coach, I start the current second string qb, Beck, and give the second string qb all the time with the first string team. Give it a try, the season is early. Rex has moments of brilliance, but is not consistent. Give the game ball to Landry, the Safety. He is the one who consistently played with intensity. If only Landry and Romo had met on the field, the result might have been different! I am a diehard Redskin fan, born here, grew up here, watched Lombardi coach the team up to the present coach Shanahan. It’s Beck or Bust, Beck or inconsistency. Lets see what happens next…


  6. You know, this is a sorry loss because the defensive effort to keep Dallas to field goals (Although a better effort would have prevented the Cowboys from kicking at least one of SIX fields goals.) Went for nothing. The other teams incompetence didn’t bail the Redskins out this week like against the Giants and Cardinals, and this is just the Cowboys.. Same old Defense, same old Offense, just enough to make things interesting but they lose anyway. I hate to tell you but the Redskins are going to play better teams than the Cowboys during the year. LOL Game ball ? How do you give a Game ball to anyone during a losing effort ?


  7. quarterback gets it done or not, in this case he did not. The last play clearly shows grossman unable to evade defender – you either have the ability or not, we lost, we are not going to win with him, and Beck? I’m sure i am not the only one who is skeptical. So who can get it done for us – great question..


  8. The fact that Dallas drove the ball down close enough for FGs six times says there are problems. Ineffective blitzing, not enough real hits/sacks on an injured QB (especially on 3rd and 27!??), poor pass coverage, especially Hall. No game ball here.

    If Dallas was so intent to blitz grossman so much, where were the shorter passing plays (like the screen plays)? Why did we get away from the running game in the 2nd half? What was Cooley doing in the backfield instead of the FBs? Where is the 3 outside receivers with two TE package we heard so much about? Truth is, grossman is not mobile enough, not fast enough and should be benched in favor of a more mobile Beck. No game ball here.

    Soem special teams play was pretty decent – did get several FGs but the one that counted was blocked due to two things (Rocco’s mishandling of the snap and the blocking by the line is still questionable. Credit Gano for being pretty solid for his efforts and possibly a game ball to Gano but not the unit.


  9. Game Ball?? Don’t give to Grossman, the Turnover King.
    Running away, arms flailing like a little girl, totally oblivious to the fact that someone might be running him down.
    We need to discard Chicago’s reject. He’s gonna dissapoint, he’s gonna loose games to his turnovers.


  10. game ball to the loyal fans like me ( since 1968 ) who watch this losing, no guts to win close games ( especially at dallas ) teams since 1991. defense appeared to take it easy on the phony, playing while injured romo. costa screwed up 4 hikes —– FOUR HIKES ——– & how many did the skins recover ?????????? 0. Ya YA no t/d’s by dallas but DID NOT NEED A t/D to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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