Redskins Conscious Of The Let Down

AP Image

After the first two victories of the season, there was only a sprinkling of self-congratulatory tweets from Redskins players.  After last night’s victory, there was a chorus of apologies and vows to do better for Redskins Nation.

Tight end Fred Davis:!/freddavis83/status/118544907341279232

Linebacker Perry Riley:

Wide receiver Donte Stallworth:

Cornerback Josh Wilson:

Fullback Darrel Young:!/darrelyoung/status/118612556515520512

Return specialist Brandon Banks:

Nose tackle Chris Neild:

Safety Reed Doughty:

Wide receiver Anthony Armstrong:

And then Wilson made an astute observation this morning:

Not one single tweet made excuses for last night, and everyone recognizes that they let one get away.  There’s a sense or responsibility with this group, without the feeling of dread or panic.  With the Rams on the radar, this team seems singularly focused on going 1-0 in Week 4.

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