The Unflappable Rex Grossman

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There’s a theory in behavioral psychology that all stress is the product of internal pressure.  Perhaps in your case, it’s not your boss or spouse that stresses you out, but rather how you respond to their provocation.

Another example (conveniently chosen at random) would be Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman.  In his first three games, he’s done exceptionally well, reasonably well, and not well enough to win.

He was clearly unhappy with the results of Monday night’s game, but was cool and confident by Wednesday morning.

“The only pressure I feel, is the pressure that I put on myself to be a great quarterback, and lead our team to victory,” he told the media.  “That’s all I really worry about.  That’s what allows me to work hard and get better, and that’s the truth.”

Just in case you were questioning anything else he said, you can be sure that this part was true.

Yesterday and today were the first days for players to go back and look at tape of the game from the previous week.  Naturally, this process is always harder after a loss.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself to play at a Pro Bowl level every week, and when I don’t, y’know, it’s frustrating,” he said.  “I go back and watch the tape, be hard on myself, and fix the things that didn’t allow me to play as well as I can.”

Media-created controversies spring up any time a team suffers a setback, but Grossman has been around long enough to be impervious to the drama.

“That’s life in the NFL,” he said.  “Worrying about other things is a distraction.  Like I said before: the pressure I feel is the pressure that I put on myself to lead this team to victory.”

For more Rexisms, watch the video below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”740055/redskins_2011-09-28-131755.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “The Unflappable Rex Grossman

  1. Well got to hand it to Rex he isn’t blaming the Refs, coaches, team or women like some QBs in the league he keeps it to himself and wants to get better well Red hit the film room and gym and get ready for Sunday against the Rams.


    • @nasirjones-

      I think he’s close. Let’s not forget that he had a really solid game against the Cardinals, but he will “go off,” as soon as he jells with the line and DY. Could be this week? A defense that’s prone to yielding big running plays and 174 yards/game sounds ideal for getting started 🙂


  2. Rex is a good guy, fundamentally I like him. But it’s time for him to get flapped.

    Consistently over his career he fumbles. To be exactly, he fumbles 1 out of every 4.5 times he is hit. It’s time for him to be so desperate to stop fumbling that he goes to his QB coach and asks for drills to do to improve ball security, calls former QBs and asks their advice.

    Enough talk about ball security. People can improve anything with practice. Rex needs to find ways to practice ball security as often as possible before and during and after practice. (Interceptions are another story.)



  3. The first fumble against the giants was his fault for not keeping the ball close. The fumble last night, I believe he said he didn’t really know how close the defender was so he probably didn’t know he needed to really secure the ball.

    Not an excuse.. just saying.

    He should have just thrown the ball away instead of trying to extend the play… that’s what he should have done.


  4. I’m a gator fan allways have been, but rex grossman stinks, your defense, is what wins most of your games, not offense, instead of spending all your money on other players, you really need a quarterback. Put rex out of the redskins misery, and find a young, and better experienced QB.


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