Haslett Gets His Rams Rematch

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When the Redskins travel to St. Louis this weekend, it will be a familiar destination for former Rams head coach Jim Haslett, who coached there from 2006-08.

Last year, he had a chance to win a personal victory over his former employer, but the Redskins fell 16-30.

This weekend will be revenge game, take two.

For the record, last year’s defeat in St. Louis didn’t annoy Haslett because it was against the Rams.  It made him mad, because the Redskins lost.

“We didn’t play well up there,” he said bluntly.  “We didn’t play well in any facet and we had guys hurt before the game, blocked punts, missed assignments and missed tackles. It was the whole gamut. Our guys are pretty focused and we’ll go out there and play well.”

Despite an 0-3 Rams team, Haslett knows from personal experience what can happen when you take the Rams for granted.  In his first game as the head coach of the Rams in 2008, his 0-4 Rams knocked off the 4-1 Redskins, 19-17, at FedExField.

“I think they are a pretty good football team,” he said.  “The quarterback, I think, is excellent. I know Steven [Jackson] and the running backs, they upgraded with Cadillac [Williams] and they have [Jerious] Norwood. They have three [running backs] as good as anybody in the league. Their receivers are solid players [and they have] athletic tight ends. [They have] a lot of first round picks and a lot of money in the offensive line and they’ve done a good job. I think they’re just a team waiting to break loose and hopefully not this week.”

One element that will be different from last year’s game, is new Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.  Although they haven’t put it together yet, his is the scheme that worked so well with the Patriots in 2007.

“They are a totally different offense,” Haslett said.  “They have a great scheme and they do a lot of things differently. They change from week-to-week so you have to be up on it and be ready to adjust to whatever they are going to give you. I think the scheme’s excellent. I think they have all of the makings to be a really good offense.”

To hear more about Haslett’s preparation, check out the video below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”741173/redskins_2011-09-29-124613.895.m4v”]

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