Redskins Players Safely Settled In St. Louis

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Redskins players and personnel woke up the the umpteenth straight-day of rain this morning, and trekked to Redskins Park to grab the bus to Dulles.

Players are relaxed, but there’s a definite workmanlike attitude around the team:!/ECUPIRATE69/status/120204431676538880!/DonteStallworth/status/120199820899123200

There was some discrepancy as to the exact moment when the plane took off from the Dulles runway. Fortunately, it was worked out, and Brandon Banks and DeJon Gomes were able to come to an agreement:!/speedybanks16/status/120203720955928576!/D_Gomes24/status/120204708651601920!/speedybanks16/status/120205148265005056!/D_Gomes24/status/120205463567609856

Thank goodness that was resolved…

My in-flight Diet Snapple lid came with this tidbit: “Real Fact #862: The typewriter was invented in Milwaukee, WI in 1867.”

I’ve heard that the first blog was actually started in 1869, but don’t quote me on that.

Once the team landed, it was an appropriate time for players to take in their surroundings and get situated in the new city:!/speedybanks16/status/120234908345044992!/DonteStallworth/status/120245023131435008

And, seeing as this is a team of former college standouts, what better way to relax than to give shoutouts to their alma maters:!/BThompson_BT/status/120235628758712320!/speedybanks16/status/120244462508195841!/DarrionScott/status/120255980423479298!/RyanKerrigan91/status/120180855829311488!/Niles_Paul/status/120235683737636864

0 thoughts on “Redskins Players Safely Settled In St. Louis

  1. Big die hard skins fan here, and Irish fan, sorry Kerrigan bout your luck, Deangelo, I agree bout the call on 3rd and 21, bad call from Hasslet, I understand the frustration but sometimes u got 2 move 4ward and keep your mouth shut, now let’s all go out there 2morrow and play sum redskin football as a team and get this win 4 our 3-1 bye week, Rex let show sum precision n the red zone cuz we all know fg’s ain’t gonna cut it n this league, “Hail 2 the redskins”


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