First Quarter Contemplations

How does a team respond to a loss in Week 3?  Come out with an aggressive game plan in Week 4.

The Redskins trotted out a two-tight end set for the second straight week on offense.  Instead of pounding the rock as they have to start off every other game this season, the Redskins took flight, running the first three plays off play action.  Play action is a big part of this offensive passing game, and the more that a defense keys on running back Tim Hightower, the better that these plays will work.

On fourth-and-four, the Redskins decided to go for it, hitting a wide open Santana Moss down the crease.  Unfortunately, a false start penalty on Jammal Brown negated the play, and forced a punt.  This may be a small dome and a less-than-capacity crowd, but they make pretty good noise on third and fourth down.

After terrific punt coverage that pinned the Rams back deep at their 16-yard line, the Redskins defense came through with another stop.  The Redskins pass rush has yet to hit home, but they’ve limited running back Steven Jackson to 27 yards and have kept quarterback Sam Bradford antsy in the pocket.  Rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan has been especially effective, and will hit home eventually.  In the mean time, he’s getting his hands up in coverage, and his comfort level is leagues ahead of where he was in the preseason.

Welcome to the NFL, Ryan.

After forcing another punt, the Redskins got another shot on offense, and used a more balanced attack.  A healthy mix of Hightower and Roy Helu opened up the passing game for the Grossman-Gaffney connection.  Jabar Gaffney had two big catches on the drive for 37 yards.

Anyone remember the man traded for Gaffney, defensive end Jeremy Jarmon?  He was cut by the Broncos out of training camp, last month.

The Redskins drive was capped off with the first touchdown in the first quarter this season.

In case anyone was wondering, yes, Rams kicker Josh Brown does lead the fans in a jumbotron slow clap during Redskins kickoffs.  These fans may be obedient, but they aren’t really enthusiastic about it.

For the second consecutive week, the Redskins lead after the first frame, 7-0, in St. Louis.

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