Redskins-Rams Redux

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Run Ryan, run.

As Redskins fans got a glimpse of last year, running back Ryan Torain has the ability to put the team on his back and flat-out produce.  He finished the day with 19 rushes for 135 yards, and a 7.1 yards per carry average.  This was his fourth career 100-yard game, and the second-highest production of his career.

He was also your runaway (pun intended) winner of Most Valuable Redskin with 68 percent of the vote.

But credit cannot be taken away from Tim Hightower today, either.  Despite getting bottled up on the ground, he was solid in pass protection, and once again saved the day by keeping Rams points off the board.  In Week 1 against the Giants, it was Hightower that was the last line of defense against a fumble recovery for a touchdown.  Today, it was Hightower again who chased down Justin King’s interception return to prevent the touchdown.  These are the unselfish efforts that make or break a team on the field and in the locker room.

Also recall that Hightower has been sure to mention Torain to the media, when discussing the Redskins’ talent at running back.  This guy definitely has a place on the team.

The Redskins offense won today by doing what they do best: controlling the clock with a methodical offense.  The final numbers were nearly 35 minutes vs. 25 minutes, and were far more skewed before the final quarter.

With three talented backs in the Redskins stable, the Redskins should have an answer to any rush defense that they encounter this year.

On the defensive side of the ball, Jim Haslett’s crew was primed to explode today, and came away with six sacks and a takeaway.  The Redskins are getting great pressure from their edge tandems of Stephen Bowen-Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker-Ryan Kerrigan.  All four ended up with sacks (Kerrigan 1; Carriker 1; Orakpo 2.5; Bowen 1.5), and worked with the rest of the front-seven to hold the Rams ground game to 45 yards.

Even though they yielded points on both redzone drives today, they continued to pin their ears backs and be aggressive in the redzone.  With the ability to create pressure from all positions and directions, this is what the Redskins defense looks like this year.  At any point on the field, it behooves them to stick with what works best.

This is another example of the Redskins winning with a total-team effort.  This is a much better Rams team than their 0-4 record indicates, and the Redskins needed the 60-minute effort to win.  They also redeemed a loss in St. Louis last year and showed that they can win the games that they’re “supposed to win.”

Sitting at 3-1 after Week 4, in first place in the NFC East for the fourth-consecutive week, the Redskins can take a breather going into the bye.  The Redskins have a lot to be proud of through the first quarter of the season, and have already exceeded most preseason predictions.

Any win is a good win, but this one answered a lot questions about the character of this team.  That’s all from St. Louis, Redskins 17, Rams 10.

0 thoughts on “Redskins-Rams Redux

  1. Weren’t the Redskins second in the NFC East after last weekend? Cowboys were 1-0 in the NFC East and Redskins were 1-1 with a win against the Giants and the loss against the Cowboys. I thought Skins were #2 in the division..


    • Yeah Grossman almost single handedly cost us the game. Can he ever hold onto the ball after being sacked? Never seen a QB put the ball on the ground more than him. He just can’t sense pressure.


  2. Hightower is so fixated on busting his runs outside. That’s why he hasn’t had much success. Unless he starts running upfield then we need someone else to get the bulk of the carries. To his credit, he is a great blocker. Reminds me of CP.


  3. For weeks I’ve been saying that Roy Helu looks more explosive and decisive than Hightower, and now the same can be said for Torrain. After the game Shanahan said Hightower looked “sluggish” in practice this week. I wonder if there is some sort of injury we’re not hearing about, because Hightower looks nothing like his preseason self. Meanwhile, Helu and Torrain have burst through the holes.

    I know Hightower is a fantastic pass-blocker and a good receiver out of the backfield, but I’m giving Torrain the start next game with Helu spelling him. The Skins need a rushing attack that gets chunks of yards, and Hightower is just not providing that.


  4. We can’t play anymore with Grossman…we will not go so far with him…how is possible to play with him? Please give an opportunity to Beck at least.
    Bye from south-est italian fan.


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  6. While Grossman appeared to be handing the game to the Rams, he was alright otherwise… Grossman will not be benched until the team loses… how much do you think the locker room would be effed up if they benched grossman during the bye…

    I hope he can improve… but so far he has not.


  7. Am I the only one who is flabbergasted by Haslett and his ridiculous “bring the house” blitzes? We singlehandedly lost to Dallas because he decided the best thing to do on 3rd and 21 is bring 8 guys and leave Dez Bryant single covered when that was the ONLY THING THAT COULD BEAT US. So what does he do on 3rd and goal from the 18 this week…another 8 man blitz, and – shocker!! – a long TD pass to an uncovered receiver. What is this guy’s problem with keeping things in front of the defense on long yardage downs?


  8. Trent, you are right. Rex won’t be benched until he starts losing but when that happens it may be too late by then. I don’t know what the solution is because there is no solution with just Rex and John. Rex has had 16 turnovers in his short tenure with the Skins. John is an unknown. If Shanahn benches Rex and they lose he will be criticized to no end. Right now the Vikings are 0-4 and Mcnabb has a better QB rating than Grossman. It’s just a matter of time until he costs the Skins. Thank goodness the defense is back like it was the year before last. Right now it’s the same as then, the defense keeping us in games while the offense doesn’t put up enough points. The Skins beat up a banged up Giants team, a bad Cardinals team, lost to a banged up Cowboys tea, and beat a bad Rams team. None were impressive wins by the offense. Yes there were flashes of running and flashes of passing but nothing consistent except Grossman’s turnovers. What are the options? Too bad they didn’t draft that kid out of Arkansas in the 3rd round,Ryan Mallett, instead of Hankerson.


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