The All-Important Pregame Meal

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If you’re currently elbow-deep in nacho cheese, hot wings, or crock pot chili, I want you to pause for a moment and ask yourself, “What would Brandon Banks, Anthony Armstrong, or Reed Doughty be eating before a Redskins game?”

I’m glad that your thought process was oddly specific, because the guys and gals over at have the answer for you!

Wide receiver Anthony Armstrong–who is listed as inactive with a hamstring injury–sticks to his meat and potatoes:

“My favorite pregame meal, the night before every game I usually end up eating a little piece of steak, some sort of vegetable like green beans, broccoli, maybe a baked potato. Most definitely you gotta end the night with some desert, so I never miss desert the night before a game. Usually a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of strawberry ice cream, couple of cherries on top, maybe a little whip cream.  If they got whipped cream, that’s a plus.”

I try to eat the same thing (focusing on the whipped cream), but I can’t run a 4.4 the next day.

Speedy returner Brandon Banks is closer to a hummingbird with his diet, loading on more sugar than Def Leppard:

“My favorite pregame meal is a Snickers bar, and sometimes I eat Skittles.  But I gotta make sure I get a Snickers bar to get my energy and my flow up.”

Apparently a pregame diet of tasting the rainbow and nougat in the power source for his electric returns.

Safety Reed Doughty has more of a nervous stomach before the game and prefers a light meal:

“If it’s a normal 1 o’clock game, it’s always oatmeal, fruit in it, a banana–something light.  I’m not a big eater before the game, y’know, a little bit of nerves and excitement. If it’s a day game, it seems like there’s always spaghetti with a meat sauce, so you can’t go wrong there. One little switch-up, is I like to put peanut butter in the oatmeal, a little spoon of peanut butter. That’s something Cooley taught me, so its something a little different.”

That sounds like the driest breakfast ever, but it makes you ready for gametime, more power to you Reed.

I’m off to enjoy a Banksian diet on the sidelines.

0 thoughts on “The All-Important Pregame Meal

  1. I don’t care what the skin’s pregame meal is !!!!!!!!!!! I want the skins main entree to be on def. the other teams r/b’s — recievers & qtr. back !!!!!!!!!!!! If the skin’s d has that meal they will be FAT, SASSY & WINNERS !!!!!!!!!!! lol — good game skin’s except for grossman’s ineptness & bad choices.


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