Redskins Players Tweet Victorious Tune

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Statically and emotionally, one of the toughest tasks in sports is winning on the road in the NFL.  Players felt a great sense of relief after they exited the field at Edward Jones Dome and boarded a victorious flight home.

Defensive captain and team patriarch London Fletcher was pumped about the win over his former team:!/LFletcher59/status/120618018236665856!/LFletcher59/status/120620499620466688

Fellow linebackers appreciated the atmosphere and fans as well:!/onemangang97/status/120611892245970944!/RyanKerrigan91/status/120619164493811712!/Em_Whyte55/status/120603585129091072!/rak98/status/120648159834812416

The defensive line celebrated a dominant performance in the trenches:!/AdamCarriker/status/120664317145255936!/stevebo72/status/120648720810377216!/TruckNeild/status/120650514999422976

The defensive line even sported the team’s biggest cheerleader, Jarvis Jenkins, who watched the game from home:!/Jarvis99jenkins/status/120590949419200513!/Jarvis99jenkins/status/120592237737426944

Return specialist Brandon Banks called out his own performance, but soaked up the win:!/speedybanks16/status/120601502766215168

The wide receiver corps took pride in their victory:!/MrArmstrong13/status/120620934116806657!/DonteStallworth/status/120667911353413632!/Niles_Paul/status/120603449573392384

Unfortunately for him, Armstrong tried to grab a snooze on the plane, in the presence of defensive linemen:!/DarrionScott/status/120650747514863616

This was definitely a successful business trip for your Washington Redskins.

0 thoughts on “Redskins Players Tweet Victorious Tune

  1. you should write about santana moss’ friendliness on twitter. its my bday today, and he mentioned me (@Pnizzle2189). he has talked to me many times, and so have other players, like kerrigan, orakpo, banks, armstrong, hankerson, carriker, and austin. friendliest twitter team in the nfl.

    go skins !!!


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