Redskins Players Having A Green Competition

AP Image

While most fans are concerned with the success of the Burgundy and Gold, some of the non-football disciples have been lured to Redskins Nation by another color: Green.

Green energy, to be more specific.

With all of the self-sustaining energy initiatives that the Redskins have embarked on with NRG and its subsidiaries, the organization has understandably drawn some more globally-minded interest.

Our friends over at energyNOW! have put together a really interesting video that highlights the efforts that the Redskins (and other less important teams) have made towards a greener NFL.  Part of their interview process was to look at various members of the Redskins team and the individuals efforts that they’re making towards renewable resources as well.

Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander has a gas-guzzling SUV, paired with a Honda Prius.

I think I just allow people to see that it is okay to go across the grain. You know, NFL player riding in a small Prius. It’s not the norm.

Uh, not really, no.

But Alexander was called out later in the video by fellow Redskins defender, Oshiomogho Atogwe.

Yeah, his idea of “going green” is eating spinach or something like that. Them [Cal] Bears have absolutely no idea what it means to go green.

Check out how Alexander responds to such reckless allegations below:

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