Shanahan Not Buying Into The Hype

The role of the media in sports is to capture the essence of the team.  If a team is doing well and winning, the media will focus on why they’re finding success.  If the team is doing poorly and losing, then the media will focus on the negatives.

Regardless of what they’re saying, though, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan doesn’t want his players buying into it.

“This is a game-by-game league,” he explained.  “You’re saying we arrived on defense — it takes one game for it to go the opposite way very quickly.  It does the same thing on offense.  Our guys are smart enough to understand what happens in this league. I try to tell our guys, ‘Don’t pay attention about what anybody says. Understand that we’ve got to do it each and every week, and you’ve got to find a way to win. You’ve got to find a way to be at the best at what you do.’ And at the end of the season, we’ll decide on what type of team we have.”

This is a team that has found success so far, by staying in the moment and focusing on each opponent as they come.  If the team can come back refreshed from the bye week and plug in for the next 12 weeks, then this team could live up to its potential.

“The one goal that I tell our players and our coaches is that you have got to take it day-by-day,” he said.  “Once you start listening to how good you are or how great the defense is doing or how poorly an offense is doing week-by-week, it’s easy to get lulled into a trap. Don’t get lulled into a trap. Just concentrate on the job at hand.  Try to find a way to win and get better every day. Don’t listen to people that are negative. Believe in yourself and just keep on working and if you do that, then you’ve got a chance.”

For the rest of Shanahan’s wisdom, check out the video after the jump:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”744111/redskins_2011-10-03-163411.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Shanahan Not Buying Into The Hype

  1. The coach is right DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THE MEDIA HYPE, take it one week at a time, play your heart out and at the END of the season you can say THIS IS THE TYPE OF THE TEAM WE ARE>.


  2. you could sense it in preseason this team had the “it” factor. watch the following week the teams we just played the previous week and looked bad, they look pretty good versus somene besides up…kinda lends to the fact we are playing really good right now. the media and alot of fans tend to go off the deep end after a win or loss. this team is still developing and we wont know what team we really have untill around the midway point, but i like the direction were headed.

    fans cried because they THINK they know more then out head coach who coached QB’s like Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway just to name a few QB’s you might of heard of…point being the coach knows WAY more then we do about football and our players, hes at every practice, studys film, grades each player after each game…we dont.

    the redskins werent pick to win more then 4 games anyways (sarcasm) so i guess one more win then we can stop playing (on average most so called experts picked about a 4 win season)..

    i will still stick with my preseason guess of 8-8, 9-7 record….

    and in the words of the mighty public enemy…”dont believe the hype”


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