Redskins Jump Up Week 5 Power Ranks

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How does a team make the jump in the relatively fickle world of NFL weekly power rankings?  Win.  Win close games, win big games, win games you’re supposed to win, and win upsets.  As Raiders owner Al Davis famously said, “Just win, baby.”

That’s what the Redskins did, and they’re (in cases, begrudgingly) trending upward on expert’s lists.  Here’s the Week 5 rundown: gave the Redskins at No. 8, up from 13 last week: gave the Redskins No. 10, up from 13 last week:

NBC/ begrudgingly gave the Redskins No. 17, up from 18 last week: gave the Redskins No. 12, up from 16 last week:

NFC East blogger for, Dan Graziano, had some thoughts on the slow, but steady rise up the list:

 Another nice jump for the Redskins as they head into their bye. Washington’s rankings so far this year have been 28, 19, 15, 16 and now 12. So they and the ninth-ranked Buffalo Bills are the cool surprise teams of the league so far this year. I think 12 seems a little bit high for the Redskins, and I don’t think in the long run they turn out to be better than the teams ranked right behind them, which are the Steelers and the Jets. And I can’t write that Manning is a good bet to throw more interceptions the rest of the way and then ignore Rex Grossman, who’s already started. But the Redskins seem to have a running game/defense formula that should keep them around this middle of the pack the rest of the year, even if they do slip a little bit once they’re done playing NFC West teams.

The Redskins have risen from the bottom of some lists, into the top 10-15 of most lists.  They have accomplished this through consistent play and a delightful 3-1 record, cruising into the bye week.  Next up: the Philadelphia Eagles.

0 thoughts on “Redskins Jump Up Week 5 Power Ranks

  1. How can CBS rank the Redskins 8 and NBC rank us 17? That isn’t even close! That has to be some sort of record. They are suppose to rank them now, not where they think the Redskins will end up. How can anyone think a 3-1 team is 17th in the league? I also never understood why everyone thinks the Cowboys are so good. Last year the Redskins had the same record and split the 2 games they played that year. Clearly the football world assumes the worst about the Redskins. I have a feeling the Redskins could win the SB and still be ranked outside the top 5.


  2. I don’t think we should be ranked 8th, but we certainly shouldn’t be ranked 17th either… I don’t put much stock in these rankings.

    Again, Fox’s comments are off the mark.. everyone seems to think Shanahan will settle on one guy for a game… that’s not his style…


  3. is a joke…The Redskins get bashed bc Synder has made us the laughing stock of the NFL but know he has learned from his mistakes and let a coach actually coach and a VP to actually do his work. Do not get it twisted this team is not a SB team yet. We still need a QB…but being a good solid team only opens up the door for good QBs to come here or players to want to come here and play. Lets not count the chickens yet bc there are still 12 more games left and we do have an easy schedule…..a formula that all the redskins fan know all too well…(games that we are suppose to win and dont)…..But this year our Defense is nasty!!!!! love it!!!!! Putting the D back in DC BAAAABY!!!!!!! HTTR FFOC…..


  4. Pft is breeding ground for Redskins hate. Its full of sad lonely cowboys fans. Just look at the post bout Cooley enjoying romo choking they came out of the woodwork to bash the guy lol. Im just glad as skins fans we have a team that can back up our talk!


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