Anthony Armstrong’s Frugal Bye Week

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Wide receivers in the NFL are known for being flashy and outspoken; gaudy at times, and downright unbelievable at others.  The Redskins great production out of their wideouts, but don’t really have to deal with the flashy publicity.

Take Anthony Armstrong for example.

While some receivers would use the five days off as an opportunity to vacation to, I don’t know…Mexico, for example, Armstrong has good reason to stay put and soak up the sun in Loudoun County.

“No big plans man, no big plans–I’m just kickin’ it,” he told me on Tuesday.  “I would love to go to Puerto Rico or the Bahamas, but I can’t do that–costs too dang much, and I’m kind of inexpensive with my money.  So I’m gonna hang out in Virginia, and make my own Puerto Rico in Virginia.”

Sounds delightful.  What exactly does that mean, Anthony?

“I’ll probably put umbrellas in all of my drinks–non-alcoholic, of course,” he said.  Of course, of course.  “I’ll probably get me some sunglasses, sit outside on my patio, and go that route.”

A flawless plan.  But what if the weather is in the 50’s and 60’s?  Not exactly sunbathing weather.

“Then I’ll sit with my window open, next to the patio,” he said, unfazed.  “I’ll bring the patio furniture inside, and I’ll look outside, and I’ll cut the heater on so I can feel that warm breeze.”

And what does a football player watch on TV in his mid-Atlantic tropical paradise?  Why, football, of course.

“I’m a big fan of the game, so I’ll watch the Eagles play and see what they can do against the Bills,” he said.  “I’m gonna see how they play–you wanna stay up on your opponent.  I wanna see what they’re gonna look like coming into the game, so it’s a little scouting.”

And those are Armstrong’s “No Big Plans,” plans.

0 thoughts on “Anthony Armstrong’s Frugal Bye Week

  1. Now that’s how all NFL players should view life. He is going to a player who still has money when his time in the league is done. It’s not how much you make it’s how much you keep. I hate when I hear how former players let millions go through their hands and end up living in their parents homes. With the NBA lockout going on we will see which players saved up and which ones will be out on their feet.


  2. @Jeff – I think AA’s perspective comes from not having gone straight from college to the Pros. He realizes that he is extremely lucky to being paid the big bucks to play a game he loves, but it won’t last forever.


  3. That’s just AAA. He hasn’t changed since he was 8 years old. One of the most down to earth guys I’ve ever met and an even better friend. Certainly isn’t like most pro-athletes.


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