Niles Paul’s Off-Day Family Adventures

Redskins receiver/special teams enthusiast Niles Paul was looking forward to an NFL off-day in order to take care of business and get his personal affairs in order.

He began the day with a casual marathon of old-school video games:!/Niles_Paul/status/123563394455445507

I really hope that he played Mortal Kombat on the Super Nintendo system, but I somehow have my doubts.

When he grew tired of that, he tried his hand at selling cars for “Jerry”:!/Niles_Paul/status/123435437548240896

Upon completion, he revealed his hidden talents on Twitterverse:!/Niles_Paul/status/123589338184429568

But then he was graced with an unexpected visitor: his grandpa, visiting the DMV from halfway across the country.

“Yeah, my grandpa came in all the way from Nebraska,” Paul said after practice today.  “He was out here for business–he drives a truck–so he was just passing through and stopped by to see me.”

“I think he came out a little bit out of his way,” Paul admitted with a laugh.  “I don’t think he was just driving through.  Probably anywhere within a couple hundred miles.”

Paul enjoyed his grandpa’s company while he was in town, and they mostly relaxed at his house.  The only real adjustment that Paul had to make, was in his selection of music:!/Niles_Paul/status/123860406874812418

That was the exciting part.  But there were some strange parts too:!/Niles_Paul/status/123854494269325313

“See, my grandpa, he was married, and now he’s divorced, and he’s proud of it,” Paul explained the back-story.  “He’s been divorced for like 30-some years.  So he was asking me if I had a girl, and I was like ‘Nah, I’m not talking to a girl.’  And he was like, ‘Good. ‘Cause if you have one, then you gotta deal with ’em, and they all crazy.'”

Even 24 hours later, Paul was still laughing and shaking his head in disbelief.

“And I was like, ‘Alright, Grandpa,'” he said.  “And it led into a disturbing conversation about my grandpa.  More than I really wanted to know.”

That’s a series of images that no one needs to imagine.  But with all of that quality advice in mind, Paul said he still accepted the wisdom, even if he doesn’t live by it.

“I’m gonna continue to learn,” he said, very carefully.  “Some things I take in, and some things I’ll just let go out the other ear.”

I guess that’s just your average off-day for an NFL rookie.

0 thoughts on “Niles Paul’s Off-Day Family Adventures

  1. Everyone around here in Huskerland knows Niles is the Dr. Love-tron. One day he was giving relationship advice and females were lining up on twitter to get advice.


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