To LeBron, Or Not To LeBron?

Good morning Redskins Nation.  Each of you have been promoted to General Manager of the Washington Redskins.  Congratulations!  Your first (and only) task is to make this decision:

Sadly, once you vote, you’re demoted back to devoted Redskins fanatic.  Not a bad resume builder though.

0 thoughts on “To LeBron, Or Not To LeBron?

  1. Our team is finding success because we got rid of players who lacked selflessness and integrity. Lebron would go directly against this…


  2. I would want him to work out and earn his position on the team. Ideally he could possibly play wr giving us that big man the Redskins have been searching for, for years. It is not uncommon, especially at the tight end position, for basketball players to make the transition to the NFL (Antonio Gates never played college football; opting for basketball, and Tony Gonzalez are the two names that initially come to mind)


  3. Bringing a joke like LeBron to the Skins is an insult to all the dedicated professionals that have spent their lives preparing for the right to make an NFL team such as the Redskins.

    Whats next? Why not bring in Hulk Hogan or the Jersey Girls? Maybe Lady GaGa would be a great long snapper!!!!

    Pathetic to even ask this question. Its demeaning to the organization.

    You should be ashamed or yourselves for making this a poll question.

    This is the kind of question that should be on the PhillaSmellphia Beagles website.

    PATHETIC with a capital P.


  4. This is ridiculous, he would be a great addiction that could not be stopped. Too big to be covered by coroners and too fast to be covered by lb’s. You are just ignorant if you don’t believe


  5. HELLLL-2-DA NAAAWWWW….we (Wizards) fans didnt like him n Cleveland & sure dont like him n Miami…da REDSKINS nor da NFL accepts crybabies…so he needs 2 stay where hez @!!!


  6. are you guys nuts? He would be unstoppable, there isn’t a person in the NFL that could cover him, and there SURE isn’t anyone who could outjump him also…if Calvin Johnson is Megatron, Lebron is Optimus f’in Prime.


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