Players Analyze Their Own Fantasy Value

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Both Anthony Armstrong and Tim Hightower have been banged up in recent weeks, hurting their value on offense.

But for the loyal members of Redskins Nation that drafted each player to their fantasy football teams, their injuries hurt doubly.

Armstrong was asked during his weekly locker room address, if fantasy owners would be wise to give him the start.

“If I was on my own fantasy team, hell yeah I’d start me!” he said.  “Why wouldn’t you start yourself?”

Fair point.

Hightower later discussed his topsy-turvy fantasy value under Shanahan’s three-back system, with the folks at the NFL Network’s Fantasy Live.  As a non-football-fantasizer, Hightower wasn’t aware of how much people care about an individual’s stats.

“It’s almost as if people, y’know, they really could care less about wins and losses, they need more fantasy points,” he said, shaking his head.  “You could have a horrible game and lose by 30 points but score you 2 or 3 touchdowns and rush for 100 yards, you just made their day.”

Hightower has let it be known that he’s a team-first guy who just wants to win.  He enjoys interacting with fans, but it can get a little out of hand too.

“At times it can be really fun, it gives the fans a really great chance to interact with you and you kinda have some laughs about it,” he said.  “But at times you don’t even wanna show your face in public because you almost feel like regardless if you won or lost that you just let that fan down.”

Hightower talked about how–while some players like Armstrong play fantasy football–even those that don’t are aware of the stats.

“I don’t actually participate in it,” he confessed, “but it’s one of those things where you kinda give guys a little bit of extra motivation, saying, ‘Hey come on, I need some fantasy points.’ I told Rex the past couple of weeks, ‘Y’know I need some fantasy points to get your value up.'”

Going into a week where the Redskins have a chance for a big day on the ground, the NFL Network crew pressed him for advice: Hightower or Ryan Torain as the starter?

“I love Ryan, Ryan is my guy,” he said with a knowing smile.  “But I can’t bet against myself, man–that just wouldn’t be wise.”

0 thoughts on “Players Analyze Their Own Fantasy Value

  1. I like to stay away from Skins players on my fantasy team for this very reason. That said, I do have Moss on one and Davis on another. A fantasy win will never be as sweet as the Skins winning.


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