Always Keep An Eye On Kerrigan

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With the level of production that rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan has had this season, it’s hard to remember sometimes that he’s only preparing for his fifth NFL game.

Once again, Scouts Inc.’s Matt Williamson has included Kerrigan in his “Rookie Watch.”  After starting the season at No. 9, Kerrigan has climbed to No. 4 on his list of top rookies to watch out for:

Kerrigan has moved ahead of 12-of-15 players taken before him in the draft, with only the first, second, and fourth overall picks in front of him.

ESPN’s NFC East blogger Dan Graziano also covered the piece, and hightlighted Kerrigan’s success, thus far:

Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, who was named the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Month for September, comes in at No. 4 on this week’s list. Matt had Kerrigan at No. 3 last week, but Bengals receiver A.J. Green jumped him after a big week for Cincinnati while Kerrigan was on bye.

I think, given the situation in which the Redskins’ defense puts him to succeed and rack up sack numbers, Kerrigan has a pretty good chance to pass Miller on this list by season’s end. I just don’t think he’ll pass Cam Newton.

Best linebacker in the draft is a very real possibility for Kerrigan if he can keep up the defensive production.  Best player in the draft isn’t something to discount just yet, either.

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