When Brent Celek Prank-Traded Cooley

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Back in early June, a great podcast interview with the NFL’s Rich Eisen discussed Chris Cooley’s love for prank calls.

But any time a cunning prankster reveals his secrets, he opens himself up to copy-cats and knock-offs.  When Cooley revisited Eisen’s podcast yesterday, he recanted how during this year’s training camp, Eagles tight end Brent Celek did just that.

According to Cooley, the conversation went something like this:

(Celek): “This is the general manager for the New York Giants, Jerry Reese.  Have you talked to your people?  Has your agent called you?”

Cooley: “No.”

(Celek): “Uhh…well I don’t want to be the one to tell you this, I guess, but we’re executing a trade for you within the hour.”

Cooley: “…No–what?”

(Celek): “Well, we’ve always admired the way you’ve played.  We consider you one of the best tight ends in the league, the best in the division.”

From there, Cooley told Eisen that he hung up the phone and thought, “Man, this can’t be real!”  From there, he said that he began Google-ing Reese, and became suspicious when the voice on the phone didn’t seem to match what Reese looks like.  This sent Cooley into sleuth mode:

So I downloaded Jerry Reese, and I looked at the number, and it wasn’t to the Giants facility, and I figured he would’ve been at the Giants facility.  About two minutes goes by, and I get a call from a Pittsburgh reporter named Ed Bouchette.  And I know he is the real deal, but this was not the real Ed Bouchette, this is someone else.

This prank was getting really elaborate at that point.  Here’s their conversation, according to Cooley:

Fake Ed Bouchette: “Chris, I’ve heard rumors of a trade.  There’s a lot of rumblings going on, and I would like to be the first one to break this.”

Cooley: “I’m thinking, this has gotta be fake, so I said, “Who is this?  Is this Celek?  Is this Mike Silver? Who is this?”

As it turns out, Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Silver was actually partially involved with the prank, so it was a good guess.  To top it all off, Celek called as himself to check on the Cooley’s reaction:

Celek: “Why are you going to the Giants?  You should go to the Dream Team!”

Cooley: (laughing) “You’re such a jerk, I hate you so much.”

Cooley claims after the fact that he was only fooled for about 10 seconds, but it should give him a little fun motivation as he prepares to take on the Eagles this Sunday.

0 thoughts on “When Brent Celek Prank-Traded Cooley

  1. Non-football related…although it invloves playing a prank on a coworker that happens to be a cowgirls fan.

    I once called my coworker and left a message on his machine with a thick country accent that perfectly mimicked the voice of our head boss up in Pax River Maryland. I told him that I wanted him to call me ASAP so we could discuss proper workplace etiquette, then I went on to leave a bogus number. Later on, the my coworker received the message and called the bogus number and it clearly didn’t work, so he looked up the real bosses number in the employee directory and went on to call him (I had no idea that he would do that and it was not my intention to have that happen). Thankfully our head boss got a good laugh out of it.

    I don’t think my buddy was too pleased though. he said that his life flashed in front of his eyes. Having a newborn plus the possibility of being jobless scared the s**t out of him. good prank though…and he’s a Cowboys fan, so it makes it even sweeter.


  2. The relationships between players on different teams is always interesting. DeMarcus, Osi and Orakpo all working on their pass rush in the offseason. QBs working out with WRs from other teams. Is there an NFL player phone book or something?


  3. And did the Eagles forget Celek was an unstoppable force a few seasons ago. You’d think they would try to involve him more. Instead, he has to help block for that sad excuse for an O-Line and his routes seem to be designed to draw coverage away from Maclin and Jackson. Vick rarely looks for the check down guy too since his O-Line can’t block that long. I can’t wait until we bury them in FedEx this weekend. FTE – HTTR!


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