Winning Storyline: Revenge Or Respectability?

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Putting your finger on the pulse of a football game can be difficult in some weeks, but this week should be pretty simple.  Respected NFL analysts Brian Billick and Adam Schefter have reduced the Redskins-Eagles matchup down to one storyline per team.

Adam Shefter: Redskins’ revenge?

No single performance last season was as memorable as the one Vick turned in on a rainy Monday night in Washington, when he threw for 333 yards, ran for 80 more and accounted for six touchdowns in the Eagles’ 59-28 humiliation of the Redskins. Vick was a character out of a video game and he blew up the Redskins. But now the Redskins have a chance to strike back for that game and silence the Eagles, maybe for good this season.

Brian Billick: A must-must-win for the Eagles.

I know the fantasy players would like me to tell them which of the three running backs in Washington will get the bulk of the carries, but unfortunately your guess is as good as mine. Based on last week’s performance, I would assume Ryan Torain, but no matter who it is, they should find success against the league’s 30th-ranked rushing defense. If last week was a must-win, then this is a must-must-win for the Eagles. For no other reason than that, they may just pull it off.

The game will be broadcast on FOX and called by Brian Billick and company.  Don’t mistake Billick for calling for the Eagles to win, he’s just noting the desperation in Philadelphia.  Of course, the flip-side of desperation for the Redskins, is confident opportunity.  A win on Sunday puts the Redskins at 2-1 in the division, and leaves the Eagles tail-spinning into their bye week.

0 thoughts on “Winning Storyline: Revenge Or Respectability?

  1. Could you make the argument that this game is somewhat about the Redskins’ respectability as well? At 3-1, it still doesn’t seem like the NFL is taking the Skins seriously yet. The caveat, of course, is the strength of schedule (or lack thereof). The only team with a winning record that we’ve played and beaten (IIRC) is the Giants – except no one really seems to be taking them seriously, either. Clearly, the Redskins are the better-executing team right now, especially on defense. But from what I’ve heard, a lot of people don’t really believe Redskins have enough to compete against teams with great physical talent if those teams execute the way they can. So in that sense, the loss to the Cowboys was worrisome and a win against the Eagles (despite both having losing records) is very important.


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