Sound The Feasting Horns!

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Two weeks ago, we found out what some players eat before the game, and that returner Brandon Banks shares his pregame diet with hummingbirds and honey bees.

And the ants on my kitchen counter.

This week, we’ve looked at three more players, to find out what they eat as the clock ticks down to kickoff.

“I really don’t like eating before the games,” said cornerback Kevin Barnes.  “Unless it’s a late game, I really can’t eat.  Nerves get me, I don’t want it to come up. I drink a lot but I really don’t eat too much.”

And each of his teammates are happy with his decision.

Fullback Darrel Young has no problem with nerves, but is concerned with controlling the free radicals in his body before gametime.

“A plate of spaghetti, two pieces of chicken, a little bit of broccoli for the antioxidants,” he said.  “Drink a ton of water, about two Gatorades, nothing too crazy.”

But if the game is a late game, then things do get crazy.

“I’ll eat a waffle in the morning.  I dunno why, I just like it,” he said.  “I like to have a snack in between meals, usually some fruit, a banana or something to get some potassium.”

Former Eagle and cult-hero punter Sav Rocca only appears in six to seven plays per game, but has a carefully selected eating regimen from his time in Aussie Rules Football.

“Oatmeal, some fruit, if there is pasta around I’ll have a little bit of pasta,” he said.  But if it’s a late game, he takes care of himself: “I might put some steak on the pasta.”

And that’s the life of an NFL punter.  Look for Rocca to lay some steak on Eagles kick returner DeSean Jackson this afternoon.

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