Third Quarter Thoughts

On three separate occasions, I began writing my third quarter review, only to delete it and start over.  This quarter had more swings than a playground, and the Redskins just haven’t quite made the most of it.

As the third quarter wound down, quarterback John Beck has been seen warming up on the sidelines.  Rex Grossman hasn’t been in sync with his receivers today, but his stats shouldn’t overshadow the rest of the team’s successes.  Despite throwing four interceptions in the game, the Redskins still have an opportunity to make this competitive.

On offense:

Tight end Fred Davis has been a big part of the gameplan today, seeing more targets than anyone else, and having more receptions than the rest of the team combined.  Clearly, Davis has reliable, big-play ability.  He needed some help as a defender today, but when the ball was put where only he could catch it, he caught it.

On defense:

Safety LaRon Landry nearly single-handedly swung the momentum of the game, first sacking Vick to knock him out of the game, and then terrorizing his replacement.  DeAngelo Hall was locked on Vince Young’s eyes through that entire play that ended in an interception, but it was Landry’s pressure that forced the errant pass.  Great play by the secondary in the second half, but it hasn’t quite broken through yet.

On special teams:

Punter Sav Rocca continues to amaze with his consistency, still yet to yield a touchback, and consistently putting the ball out of reach of returner DeSean Jackson.  After playing in Philadelphia for the last five years, Rocca knows this special teams well, and has completely silenced them in the return game.  Punting may not be the essence of NFL football, but he makes it as exciting as it can be, in a good way.

Beck is in the game at the start of the fourth quarter, and the Redskins are looking for two scores.  Still trailing after three frames, Eagles 6-20.

0 thoughts on “Third Quarter Thoughts

  1. Hello, I would like to know WHY in the world is one quarterback always seem to be played at every game, switch them up especially when playing against teams that are hard opponents to the Redskins. Beck should have been playing in the Sunday October 16th game not Grossman


  2. I hope that we never have to agonize over Grossman’s interceptions again. He has followed through with his reputation for throwing the ball to the other team. He is too short to see who is where he is throwing, and he is too impulsive in his throws. He constantly throws into a crowd of opponents. He makes me a nervous wreck because even when he does well, I know he will soon throw it away. I feel that he has been the cause of every loss. I hope they will dump him, make Beck #1, and sign on a new back-up. Our team will never be what they could be with Grossman. Beck should be our man!


  3. I would love to know why every season we lose our minds and complete composure after a bye week. What gives? Perhaps its the fact that our players are seen out in public til last call drinking and partying multiple nights a week in and around Ashburn and Reston Town Center. You can party like a rockstar once you make it there. I personally see this team out at clubs and bars acting foolish and with more than just a few drinks in them. Aren’t you supposed to be studying your playbook, or going over film, or practicing? You can party in the off season, right now do your job! Oh and get rid of Grossman! Quit picking up the NFL washouts and actually build a QB from the ground up. Think about it, no team is gonna trade a good QB to another team unless they are washed up. ( McNabb, Grossman) enough said.


  4. u r exactly on target lee. skin’s act like they were not in the game at all the whole 1st half & by half time ” GAME OVER ” 20 to 3. final score 20 to 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!


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