Do You Like Coaches Spicy Or Over-Easy?

Amazingly, an entire news day in the sports world was devoted to the ruffling of feathers that followed the Lions-49ers game on Sunday.

It was so benign, that to call it a fight–or even an altercation–would be laughed about in the WWE.  As a result, the NFL has elected not to fine or sanction either coach.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the topic briefly in his press conference yesterday, saying that he hadn’t seen it yet, “but [he] heard it was quite interesting.”

Obviously this is not the typical post-game handshake, but as Shanahan laughed and asked, “Why does everybody have to get fined?”

This morning, Redskins safety Reed Doughty tweeted/’ed his own thoughts on the situation, from a player’s perspective:

Which prompts today’s somewhat daily poll question:

0 thoughts on “Do You Like Coaches Spicy Or Over-Easy?

  1. It aint easy to shake a guy’s hand after getting beat, and I can understand Schwartz anger at Harbaugh for not even acknowledging him and having the decency to accept his courtesy. I like it when coaches get pumped up, but for 5 seconds at least be a good sport and shake the guy’s hand.


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