Week 7 Power Rankings Roundup

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Just as the Redskins were starting to coax the pundits and experts over to their side, a painful loss on Sunday cascades them down the major power ranking lists, today.

I said it before when the Redskins were winning, and I’ll say it again after this loss: power rankings don’t matter, ever.  They’re just fun to look at (most weeks)

For the morbidly curious among you, here’s the Week 7 rundown:

CBSSports.com gave the Redskins No. 14, sliding from No. 8 last week:

FoxSports.com gave the Redskins No. 19, free-falling from No. 10 last week:

NBC/ProFootballTalk.com put the Redskins right back at No. 17, after a one-week vacation at No. 12:

ESPN.com gave the Redskins No. 15, down from 10 last week:

NFC East blogger for ESPN.com, Dan Graziano, agreed with the placement of the Redskins, and put the emphasis for the rest of the season on the offensive line:

The Redskins are 3-2, but trending the other way. An ugly loss Sunday to the Eagles knocked Washington out of its lofty top-10 perch and back down to the middle where I think they belong. I’m interested to see what happens from here on out, as they’ll have a harder time mustering much offense with their line banged-up, and they aren’t going to dazzle anybody even if the defense can win them some games.

I wrote last week about the Redskins being in the “Show Me What You’ve Got” category of NFL teams, and they didn’t show much of anything against the Eagles.  Everyone is going to see what type of character this team has on Sunday, and whether or not they have the ability to adjust and keep looking forward.

Lots of questions to be answered between now and then, but the Redskins will look to right the ship against the wild Panthers, on the road in Carolina.

0 thoughts on “Week 7 Power Rankings Roundup

  1. It’s amazing that our defense was able to hold Philly to 20 points even though the offense gave up so many turnovers. This team will rebound and play hard every week. Thank goodness for the QB change. Let the Beck era begin.


  2. WHY NOT BECK HE MAY BE THE FUTURE Rex will be a strong backup.At this point groom beck for NFC EAST FOOTBALL THIS WILL MAKE HIM STRONG AS THE SEASON GOES ON.


  3. the redskins shouldnt move very far, they gave the eagles everything in the first half and completely shut them down in the second. some are trying to say the eagles changed the game plan and wasnt worried about scoring, Andy Reid told the sideline reported after halftime he told his team to not stop, keep scoring and keep the points going…didnt happen because like all the other games the redskins played, the shut down the other team after half.

    people need to relax, it was one game, beck needed to be the starter from the get go, stronger arm, faster release and more mobile, you can learn the rest. the biggest concern isnt the loss of the game but rather the loss of two offensive lineman..Cooley wasnt that big of a deal, Davis should be the starter at this time in cooleys career anyways.


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