Better Than A Cup O’ Joe

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For those residents of Redskins Nation that also spend time in the Twitterverse, you’re aware that Redskins players are some of the most active media socialites in the NFL.  Some players tweet from the moment they wake up in the morning (“Rising n grind,” if you will), until the moment they turn out the light (“Nite tweeps,” if you will).

Since it is Thursday, I thought I’d share with you a little morning inspiration that will propel you through the rest of your work week, courtesy of your Washington Redskins:!/speedybanks16/statuses/126596436728090624!/MrArmstrong13/statuses/126607931180453888!/AldrickRobinson/statuses/126622299620245504!/KMO41AMN/statuses/126660108846514176!/MrArmstrong13/statuses/126976803557478400!/speedybanks16/statuses/126975399350644736

If you aren’t more awake and refreshed after that, rest and repeat in one hour.

0 thoughts on “Better Than A Cup O’ Joe

  1. Gotta admit that the “new Redskins” looked awesome last year (or the year before that) when they wore ALL RED unies………Yes, they lost the only game they played wearing them but they looked Damn SHARP! New, better team, new better looking unies. A nice CHANGE OF PACE!!! Are you listening “HCMS”, “Colonel Allen” and “General Daniel” ???


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