Could The Ryan Kerrigan Flow Return?

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Or perhaps more specifically, should the Kerrigan flow return?

When the Redskins drafted rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, they knew they were getting a tremendous defensive talent.

What they didn’t know, is that they could be getting a tremendous head of hair too.

Kerrigan rocked “the flow” from the end of his sophomore year through his senior season at Purdue.  He looked like Tarzan at the NFL Combine, wowing the scouts with his edge-rushing prowess and impressive mane.

It was a big hit with Redskins fans.

But then, as many young professionals must do, he shed his locks in favor of a more professional look.

And it was a big hit with Redskins fans:!/RyanKerrigan91/status/106176711191826432

Now that his life in the NFL has finally taken off, Kerrigan must decide whether to go with the flow, or say no.

“I dunno, man, I’m kind of in this awkward in-between stage right now,” he said today.  “I have to decide soon, whether or not I want to grow it out or keep it tight.”

In honor of such a momentous occasion, I offer you today’s Redskins poll:

Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee that the vote of the people will impact Kerrigan’s decisions on personal hygiene.  But if he does decide to let the flow grow, you can be sure that long hair will return to the DMV with a vengeance.

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